Dead-Eyed Congoid Savage Guns Down White Woman in Her Madisonville Home

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2019

Mar’Keil Foster.

As you can see, I wasn’t exaggerating about him being dead-eyed.

This dread ape could chill the blood of a cenobite.

Surf KY:

An arrest has been made in connection to the murder on Sugg Street.

Ashley D. Egan, 26, died after she was gunned down inside her mobile home late Monday night. Her fiancé, 24-year-old Alexander Yarbrough, also was wounded from gunfire.

As a result of the investigation, Madisonville Police Department has charged Mar’Keil Foster, 20 of Madisonville, with murder and first-degree robbery.

Foster was located with the aid of Clarksville Police Department, MPD reported. He was taken to Montgomery County Jail, where he waived extradition.

He was transported to MPD, where the arrest warrant was served, police said this evening.

Ashley Egan.

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