Dead-Eyed Monkoid Found Guilty of Murdering White Religious Leader

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2018

Ryan Connors.

Don’t join religious cults, people.

But if you must join one, make sure it has a strict “no blacks or Irish” policy.

Courier Press:

The East St. Louis man found guilty of killing a religious leader in an Evansville motel was sentenced last week on murder and attempted murder charges.

Ryan Connors, 28, was found guilty at trial last month of stabbing Avery Scott Shoe to death.

Investigators said Connors joined a religious group traveling through the Midwest and then attacked Shoe when the group stopped at a local motel in January 2017. Another member of the group testified Connors stabbed him multiple times as well. That man told investigators he survived because he laid on the floor pretending to be dead.

Shoe, who was from North Carolina, was pronounced dead at the scene. The other man was taken to a hospital.

Connors was convicted of murder and attempted murder in the attack.

He was sentenced to 55 years in prison on the murder charge and 30 years on the attempted murder charge, court records show. Connors will serve those sentences consecutively, for a total of 85 years.

Connors received 615 days of jail credit for time served. He told the court during his sentencing hearing Friday that he plans to appeal the convictions.

Avery Scott Shoe.