Dealmaker-in-Chief Gets Greasy Lying Guatemalan Spics to Agree to Some Bullshit

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2019

The United States is the richest and most powerful country that ever existed in history, but the leader of our country, a disgruntled orange man, cannot control the border. As such, he is forced to make weird “deals” with disreputable foreign countries, bribing them to stop sending all of their people into our country.

It might sound silly, but it’s the truth.

New York Post:

President Trump announced Friday that Guatemala would agree to restrict asylum applications to the US from Central America — a win for his effort to stem the tide of illegal immigrants at the Mexican border.

The “safe third country” agreement would require migrants, including Salvadorans and Hondurans, who cross into Guatemala on their way to the US to apply for protections in that country instead of at the southern border.

It could potentially ease the crush of migrants overwhelming the immigration system and hand Trump a victory as he works to fulfill his campaign promises to curb illegal entry.

“This is a very big day. We have long been working with Guatemala and now we can do it the right way,” he said at the White House. “This landmark agreement will put the coyotes and smugglers out of business.”

The announcement came after a federal judge court in California blocked Trump’s most restrictive asylum effort to date, one that would effectively end protections at the southern border.

The two countries had been negotiating an agreement for months, and Trump threatened Wednesday to place tariffs on Guatemala if it didn’t cut a deal.

Okay, so… let me show you a map.

The way “asylum” works is that you can’t claim to be an “asylum seeker” if you’ve already passed through a safe country. Mexico is refusing to accept “safe country status,” saying that anyone who comes through their country is not safe, and can only be safe in the US (however, they also insist that they are not a shithole somehow).

If Guatemala accepts the “safe country status,” then if someone has been in Guatemala, they can no longer say they don’t have access to a safe country, because they already accessed one.

In theory.

However, in reality, when some random wetback comes creeping through the US border, no one has any idea whether or not they’ve previously been in Guatemala. So basically, this entire thing is fucking retarded.

The whole thing was about getting Mexico to agree to safe country status. Because you can easily tell if someone has been in Mexico, given that the only way they can get into the US is through Mexico.

The fact that we’re talking about such goofy nonsense makes me sick.

Everyone knows that all of this is a hoax.

Everyone knows that the people are not in danger in Guatemala, Mexico or their home country – this is all a gigantic hoax.

Donald Trump is completely inept.

Okay, so these judges keep blocking his attempts to secure the border. And Mexico won’t agree to “safe country status.” Okay. Well, there are a million immigrants in the United States which he presently has the ability to deport, legally. And instead of deporting 1 million, he said he was going to deport 2,000, then arrested 35.

This is an absolute circus.

I would be happier if he just stuck to racist tweeting. Especially if he could make it less about the Jews.

Really, Donald Trump’s only saving grace is that the guy is hilarious. There is really nothing else you can say about him that’s good. He pretty much fails at absolutely everything other than being orange.

Seriously, Donald.

How are you going to know if these people have been in Guatemala?

Are you just going to ask them?

This is stupid.

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