Dear Women: Short of Cash and Too Old to Hook? Consider Selling Your Relatives Into Sex Slavery in Morocco.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2019

You are evolved to look at this creature and believe it is a human with a soul. However, no logical mind could accept this biological programming.

In my ongoing series on “women do not have human souls,” I present you with this.


A teacher in a Texas junior high school was making arrangements for her young relative to be shipped to Morocco allegedly for prostitution. The would-be pimp was arrested upon returning from Morocco after a tip by family.

Amber Michelle Parker, a 37-year-old reading teacher at Mexia Independent School District, was arrested on Wednesday in a joint operation led by Freestone County and McLennan County Sheriff Offices.

Detectives had been on Parker’s trail for months before taking her into custody on charges of trafficking and a conspiracy to traffic a minor. Police searched Parker’s electronic devices and her phone.

The investigators allege that the woman, who was teaching 8th graders, was busy negotiating a price to sell her teenage relative to a group of men in Morocco when free from her school duties. In a bid to hike up the price for the girl, Parker advertised her “merchandise” as a virgin, posting explicit photos of the girl in lingerie online.

The parties were apparently finalizing the terms of the deal when police finally placed Parker in handcuffs.

The woman took the trouble to travel to Morocco right before Christmas and returned on January 1, with officers already waiting for her.

The sick plot was foiled after relatives of the girl sounded the alarm over Parker’s persistent attempts to take the girl to Morocco.

At this point, any beta male pussy faggot who attempts to argue that women have souls, or are human beings, is not simply a simpering little maggot, but a traitor to the white race. And these men deserve much worse than any woman. A woman is just a dumb, soulless creature without any ability to understand the existence of anything beyond her own wants – while a man who supports women is consciously making a decision to side with rabid animals.

The woman problem must be solved, and it must be solved quickly. 

These creatures must be brutally beaten, gang-raped and locked in cages.

The next generation, born to these cages sluts, we will raise according to our own will, and are to be forced-married as children.

Folks, we don’t have any choice.

They are giving their own wombs away to foreign aliens, or simply killing our children. And now they are going and selling fertile baby-machines to Arabs.

We have to shut it down, and we have to shut it down with unimaginable levels of absolute brutality.

“At first I was like”

“But then I was like”