Death Toll in Iran Reaches at Least 20

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2017

All of this is being reported exclusively by state media. Social media is shut off and there are basically no foreign reporters in the country.

We have no actual idea what is going on on the ground.

Washington Post:

Anti-government protests in Iran remained violent overnight as clashes between security forces and demonstrators left nine people dead, state television reported Tuesday, bringing the death toll to at least 20. The unrest has raged now for six days and confounded leaders who have struggled to respond.

The protests have been stunning in their ferocity and geographic reach, spreading to far-flung towns and cities that are strongholds of the middle and working classes.

State television said six of the latest casualties occurred during an attack on a police station in the town of Qahdarijan. The clashes were allegedly sparked by protesters who tried to steal guns from the station.

An 11-year-old boy and a 20-year-old man were killed in the town of Khomeinishahr, and a member of the Revolutionary Guard was killed in the town of Najafabad, state television also reported.

A semi-official news agency reported Tuesday that 450 people have been arrested in Tehran since Saturday. The ILNA news agency cited Ali Asghar Nasserbakht, a security deputy governor of Tehran, in its report.

Nasserbakht told the agency 200 protesters were arrested Saturday, 150 Sunday and 100 were arrested Monday.

No figure has yet been offered for other cities.

On Monday, demonstrators appeared to be leaderless and their demands diffuse, ranging from better living conditions to more political freedoms and even an end to the Islamic republic. Their chants and attacks on government buildings broke taboos in a system that brooks little dissent. The demonstrations were the boldest challenge to government authority since a pro-democracy revolt in 2009.


A random mass-protest involving disparate groups.

This was the exact situation in the Ukraine, where you had Westernized rich kind wanting to be absorbed into the EU rioting beside Nazis, rioting beside regular poor peasants who were just angry that they’re poor peasants, rioting beside paid rioters – all spontaneously, we were told.

The prospect of a harsher response from security forces, whose brutality is notorious, raised fears of further violence in a country buffeted by conflict elsewhere in the region. Iran has sent cash, weapons and fighters to prop up proxies and allies from Syria to Lebanon and Gaza — and that, too, has become a focus of the protests. The country’s expensive foreign policy adventures were scorned by some demonstrators who chanted, “Leave Syria, think about us!”

At least 10 people were killed Sunday night in what state media said were clashes between police and “armed protesters” who had attempted to infiltrate security outposts. The demonstrators were from provincial areas in the south and southwestern parts of the country, including both impoverished and oil-producing regions.

Earlier, activists said two demonstrators were shot and killed Saturday during peaceful protests.

Videos circulated online of protesters fleeing tear gas and water cannons, while others confronted police. On Monday, demonstrators again gathered in Tehran, as well as in an array of provincial cities, including Kermanshah in the west and Shiraz in central Iran, according to reports on social media. They chanted “Death to the dictator!” — referring to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei — and called on security forces to join them.

This brought a strong rebuke from the country’s judicial chief. “I demand all prosecutors across the country to get involved,” said Sadegh Larijani, the Associated Press reported. Their “approach should be strong,” he said.

The head of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court also warned Tuesday that arrested protesters could potentially face death penalty cases when they come to trial, the AP reported.

Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted Mousa Ghazanfarabadi as saying: “Obviously one of their charges can be Moharebeh,” or waging war against God, which is a death penalty offense in Iran.


I have a feeling that Iran is lying about the number of people dead. I don’t really see why they wouldn’t do that.

Of course, the West will also lie about death counts and claim that hundreds have been murdered, as they did in Libya and elsewhere during the Arab Spring. They continued to claim that Assad was randomly murdering his own people for no reason up through 2017. Indeed they are still talking about this.

So transparency really isn’t important, because if the West wants to bomb you and destroy your country in order to save human rights, they will just invent mass murder events. Assad actually said that the famous GAS BABY MEME gassing video – which just showed people being sprayed with water hoses – was probably staged by actors.

The entire situation is extremely concerning. Obviously. Because we have all seen this before. The “West” – which is ZOG and Israel – did this to every Arab country during the alleged “Arab Spring,” and they have done it to Georgia and the Ukraine. A manufactured revolt is much easier than invading a country because you can’t really be held responsible for it as long as you control the media.

This is also probably fun to do. I can imagine that if I wasn’t working on the side of good, I would very much enjoy manufacturing peasant revolutions which manipulate people into overthrowing their own governments.

Speaking of media control – the Jews have gone all out with this situation in Iran, with even major alternative media figures taking an active role in the campaign of lies. When you have the Washington Post, Fox News and Stefan Molyneux all agreeing that we need to push for war with Iran, you are in the middle of the biggest psy-op I’ve ever witnessed.


The thing is, the Jews are incredibly desperate, and they are acting insane.

This was not plan A or B. This is a C or D-tier plan which resulted from the collapse of ISIS.

It is a rushed thing, like when the ADL did that prank call hoax after Hillary lost and they couldn’t do their hate speech laws.

The analysts are mostly saying that this won’t result in a full-revolution. But – one more time – we don’t know what is even going on. Also, we don’t know what the Jewish plan for this is. Obviously, even if it fails, the chaos itself has already done a lot to delegitimize the government. If they do crush the protests, they will have to do reforms and what not. So it’s a win-win for the Jews.

I’m sure as hell not making any predictions on this. Who the hell knows.

I’m just crossing my fingers Trump doesn’t start bombing the place. Someone should announce a protest in Washington, or go protest against the people demonstrating in support of the revolution.

Maybe some Canadians should organize a protest outside of the house of the terrorist-supporter Stefan Molyneux.

Please read and share my article about how the media is lying about the bravery of the hijabless woman.

The whole media is pushing the hoax that she is defying the law by taking that off, even though on Wednesday, the day before the protests started, the Iranian government decriminalized not wearing the hijab.

She is a manufactured symbol designed to garner liberal support for a war with Iran. Exposing that clearly demonstrates the hoax that this entire thing is.


Bibi Netanyahu has posted a video on his YouTube channel claiming that the Iranian claim that Israel is behind the protests “is not only wrong, it’s laughable.”

So I guess the Jews aren’t behind this. After all, they don’t lie – they’re god’s chosen people.