Dem Niggas Out Der Gettin Woke

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2018

I am presently staggered by the wokeness of dem niggas out der.

Seriously though, about the whole black thing: I am putting together a general post of a path to TOTAL ARYAN VICTORY, which I believe to be realistic in the long term. A general idea of how we are going to get from here 2018 to GALACTIC EMPIRE.

One of the major sticking points is these blacks. I honestly have no idea what to do with them.

Because again: realistic path.

Real path.

Golden Path.

Not some goofy shit about how we’re going to “day of the rope” the niggers after society collapses. Societies don’t just all of the sudden collapse – that is dumb shit from movies. I’m sick of that scifi gibberish getting mixed in with a serious agenda.

Basically, in the medium term, there will be legitimate arguments for removing citizenship from virtually all nonwhites, with a SCOTUS ruling that the citizenship was awarded through fraud and is thus no longer valid.

There is no such argument with the blacks.

So, point being: there is going to have to be some kind of long-term negotiation process with these blacks.

So, final point being: yes, blacks supporting Trump is a good thing – beyond just votes and bragging rights.

Because there isn’t going to be a collapse, and even if we awake white racial consciousness completely, most people are not going to feel comfortable just rounding up all the niggers and mass-executing them.

Like honestly – I would even feel bad about that. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it for the greater good. But I would be all frumpy faced when I did it.

Anyway though – you’re never going to get the majority of people to be like “yes, just send in death squads to kill all these monkeys.”

You could theoretically release a disease that sterilizes them… but we want to leave our options open here, and the best option is the reasonable one.

There is going to have to be some kind of a plan to peacefully, over a period of time, ship them back to Africa, basically. And all we are really going to need to do that is black leaders that are on-board with the idea of black self-determination. There is plenty of space there for them in their homeland. And there are plenty of mulattoes who could manage to rule a black nation in Africa a lot better than the current African nations are being ruled.

Getting them to behave better is a good short-term plan. Remember, before the “civil rights movement” we were living next to these people without a huge issue. They are naturally violent savages, but the bigger part of the problem is the drugs and the culture that the Jews tailor-made for their particular genetic proclivities.

In the short-term, better behavior from them is very good. That will make the peaceful ethnic cleansing run a whole lot smoother.

So yeah. Just some thoughts on all that.

Based black guys in MAGA hats are non-trivial matter for a lot of reasons.