Democrat Debates II: Part I

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2019

The first round of the Democrat Debates II, hosted by CNN, did not have anyone interesting in it. The most interesting people were my boy Bernie and my girl Marianne. It also had Anal Pete, Pocahontas and some people who I didn’t even know who they were.

It was moderated by the Jew Jake Tapper, the Huwhite-presenting mulatto Don Lemon and Dana Bash, a stupid Jew bitch.

Why Do You Want to be President?

First up was a question about why they are running for president. Most of the candidates just spewed platitudes. John Delaney (???) attacked the rest of the candidates for being too liberal. Anal Pete said Donald Trump cheated to win the election.

Also, Elizabeth Warren is really an unbearable cunt I just realized.

Why Does Bernie Want to Abolish Private Healthcare?

Weasel Jew Jake launched an attack question on Bernie asking him about his plan to outlaw all private healthcare.

Bernie gave the standard communist answer.

The shrill cunt Warren backed him up, saying it would smash the billionaires. She is such a fake Bernie rip-off. Just like all women are rip-offs of men.

Anal Pete chimed in and started talking about how corporate healthcare refused to remove objects from his anus for free.

This is the point at which I noticed Beto is also at the debate. He is still waving his arms around like a lunatic.

If you think reading this is boring, just imagine what it was like watching it. It was like watching robots, until the crazy commie Bernie or the unbelievable cunt Warren chimed in.

Bernie slammed Jew Jake as a Republican shill.

Bernie wrote the damn bill!

And the healthcare talk just went on and on and I was just thinking about how little I give a shit about this because I’m actually healthy.

What About the Immigrants? Will You Ban Laws Against Invading America?

Anal Pete says that he’ll stop laws against invading America because it is morally good to allow the country to be invaded.

Shrill cunt Warren started talking about baby cages and our values.

She was cagey about decriminalizing illegal immigration. Apparently, these people are becoming aware of these optics.

This fat robo-bitch said “America is immigrants.”

Bernie said he’s going to do strong borders.

But he’s also going to give illegal immigrants free healthcare and college.

But he’ll rebuild Guatemala (good idea).

This Marlboro Man robot has a nice cut on his jib. I think he insulted me once for trying to organize a freedom rally in Montana.

He says illegally entering the country should be illegal (racist?).

Tim Ryan, some robot man from somewhere, tried to speak some sense and be a moderate. Seemed racist. Then he appeared to be calling for the assassination of the president, which I found inappropriate.

Marianne was good on the healthcare thing, after she’d been cockblocked from saying anything earlier. She said we need to start regulating the agriculture and chemical industries to make it so people are healthy, rather than focusing on “sickness care.”

This is my view, 100%. What kind of country needs a healthcare industry the size ours is? Only a very sick nation. We need to deal with the fatties and the sickly weaklings instead of just paying billion dollar corporations to feed their sickness.

Will You Steal Everyone’s Guns?

Everyone on the stage wants to steal everyone’s guns.

The fat bitch says the problem is the NRA.

Beto appeared to have insulted black people by bringing up their crime rate (racism?).

Bernie used to be against gun-grabbing. Now he wants to take on the NRA, because they’re funneling guns to black gangs (racist?).

But What About Healthcare Again?

This guy is some kind of capitalist, and he is attacking Bernie for wanting to take over the economy.

Bernie says that America wants to have communism, and it is none of this rando’s business.

Then that guy, whoever he is, made the audience cheer that they want to keep their private healthcare. The audience is clearly lined with capitalist corporate shills (racism?).

Warren, Why are You a Shill for Capitalism?

The shrill, shrew cunt Elizabeth Warren was exposed by Jew Jake as a capitalist shill.

She spewed more platitudes, pretending to be a robotic shill, but she is too much of a shrill, shrew cunt to pretend to be robotic.

Bernie wants full communism. Free college, free healthcare, canceled student debt.

I’m ready for full communism.

I wish it was 2016 Bernie on stage though.

How Will You Stop the Weather From Changing?

This guy is going to build gigantic machines to change the weather.

That’s like some Dr. Robotnik shit right there.

The shrill, shrew cunt Warren wants $2 trillion for research into global warming.

The chat was really good on the YouTube stream.

Good informations offered.

Bernie Sanders defended the lunatic Green New Deal.

Flint Water Crisis, Why?

The fat bitch called Flint “an African city.” That is definitely racist.

Answering a question about bad African water, Marianne said that Donald Trump is driving a “dark psychic force.” It’s a good line.

How Will You Stop Racism?

Beto said he wants people from everywhere to invade America.

It’s his favorite question. The guy really, really likes niggers. But he kind of bombed it.

White Supremacy?

Don Lemon said that the Garlic Gunman was a WHITE SUPREMACIST. I can’t believe he did that sick forced meme.

The shrill cunt said that “WHITE SUPREMACY” is “domestic terrorism” and that she will arrest people for this.

She’s talking about arresting people for thinking something. She’s talked about this before. She is going to arrest anyone who thinks White people should have rights.

Anal Pete said he would buy houses for the Blacks.

The fat bitch then claimed that there are not too many rats in Baltimore (an obvious lie).

Beto comes in with the “America was built by Blacks – made out of cotton” meme. He said he would give all of the coloreds reparations.

73% of Blacks are in Favor of Free Cash for Blacks

Marianne wants to give the Blacks $500 billion because they allegedly didn’t get 40 acres and a mule (I think some of them did get that?).

Bernie said he’s against handing out hundreds of billions of dollars to Black people, but that he’s going to give them free everything anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

Will You Fight the Chinese?

The Democrats are now on the anti-China train. It’s suspicious.

CNN asks the question and passes it to the most virulent anti-Sinoite on the stage.

But this goofy guy – whoever the hell he is – supported open free trade with China.

The shrew cunt actually had some good points against free trade. I actually agree with everything she said. She didn’t go after China specifically, she basically argued for protectionism.

I give her some credit for having a well-developed position on this particular issue. She’s just such a horrible, disgusting person that it’s difficult to not immediately disagree with everything she says. Anyway, no politician is ever going to do what she’s talking about. Everyone will just hide their war on China in a fake trade war that only targets China.

Bernie backed her up on that.

He’s more likely to actually do something than she is, of course. He actually believes this stuff. Warren just uses it to provide a vehicle for her lunatic social agenda.

Anal Pete then quoted the Bible.

Sick faggot.

I’ve got a Bible verse for ya, Pete:

“If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”

Tax the Rich?

Elizabeth Warren, who is a shrill cunt, argued with some random guy about a wealth tax.

That random guy appeared to be speaking sense on this issue, though I don’t actually know.

I do believe that rich people should be heavily taxed.

Free College?

Anal Pete attacked the student loan forgiveness plan of Bernie Sanders. Bernie was not happy.

I 100% support clearing all student loan debt. It’s just an obvious thing that should happen. Like Bernie says, Amazon should have to pay for it. Why shouldn’t they?

Obviously they should. This is self-evident.

Anal Pete just wants young people to be in debt so he can pay college boys for sex. Every faggot wants to sodomize normal heterosexual men, and they make that happen with money. Pete doesn’t want his supply of young heterosexual men to run dry, the sick fuck.

Fat bitch says she doesn’t want rich kids to get free college, and rich kids would get free college if everyone got free college.

What she doesn’t understand is that when Bernie is in control, there won’t be any more rich people. They will all be taxed into poverty. Look up “communism,” you dumb fat bitch.

End the Wars?

Bernie says he has the same plan as Trump with regards to being the policemen of the world, but that he’ll actually do it.

That’s probably true. I think he would end the wars. I can’t imagine him continuing the wars.

Fat bitch then said that Trump was putting the national interests of Russia before those of America. You see the way this fake news narrative invades real life politics?

Anal Pete says he’ll end the wars for real this time, especially in Afghanistan.

It’s because he wants to visit the Bacha Bazi boys there in a safe environment, obviously.

This old guy says he wants to keep troops in Afghanistan to protect women from sexism.

Shrew cunt says she’ll ban America from doing a first strike nuclear attack.

I guess I probably agree with that, because America’s foreign policy is run by Jews. However, I do believe we should preemptively nuke Sweden if they do not release A$AP Rocky immediately.

How Old are You?

Anal Pete said he belonged to a new generation of politicians and implied Bernie is too old.

Bernie is just disgusted by this little faggot.

This question was an attack on Bernie.

And somehow Anal Pete managed to name-drop David Duke.

Closing Remarks

Marlboro Man really stutters a lot. Spit that shit out, cowboy.

Marianne’s closing remarks were a mix of Jewish (she is Jewish) anti-White rhetoric, new age kookery and good stuff about the drug and agriculture industries.

This guy closed with “Donald Trump is a disease,” which seems a little bit too extreme.

In his closing statements, this individual captured my imagination with big ideas.

The RoboCop villain talked about how good his businesses are. Kind of braggy. Called himself glorious.

Fat bitch talked about the swimming lessons Casey Jo did before she died of heroin. She also claimed to be a winner. She looks like she could win a hot dog eating contest.

Beto again did his whole “am I being serious or is this a satirical parody of an obsequious platitude-spewing shill?” bit. He’s going to bring us together. Except he’s not, because he’s polling below 1%.

Anal Pete did more robotism.

Cunty Shrew bragged about only paying $50 for college and said she was going to build her empire person-by-person, in the name of Democracy.

Bernie called Trump “a racist, a sexist and a homophobe.” Sad, Bernie. Sad. Then he talked about the cost of insulin and attacked all the capitalists.


This sucked.

No one said anything actually insane. Much more boring than last time, and last time was also very boring.

They should have hired Trump to moderate. Debates are boring as hell without Donald Trump.

I’m not watching the second half live tomorrow. I’ll watch it on 2x after it’s over. Although actually, tomorrow night’s should be better. It has Tulsi and Yang.

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