Democrat Poll: Top Three 2020 Presidential Favorites are White Men

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2018

Democrats are headed into some serious problems in the election season.

USA Today:

Democratic and independent voters are crystal clear about the candidate they’d be most excited to see in the 2020 presidential field: Someone entirely new. Oh, and also the most seasoned prospect.

Asking voters their pick for president more than a year before the primaries begin typically doesn’t tell you much beyond name recognition. Instead of asking about support, a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll tested which candidates now seem intriguing to voters, and who turns them off, in an effort to get clues about the dynamic ahead.

Landing at the top of the list of 11 options was “someone entirely new” – perhaps a prospect not on the political radar screen yet. Nearly six in 10 of those surveyed – 59 percent – said they would be “excited” about a candidate like that; only 11 percent said they’d prefer that a new face not run.

That said, close behind was Joe Biden, the opposite of someone entirely new. Biden, now 76, was a veteran senator from Delaware before he served two terms as President Barack Obama’s vice president. He’s weighing whether to make his third bidfor the Democratic nomination; 53 percent said they would be excited about that, while 24 percent urged him not to run. 

I have no idea what this party is going to do going forward.

I personally do not think it is possible for a white man (or the Jew Bernie Sanders, who for our purposes here is a white man because that is how he is perceived by the overwhelming majority of the population) to win the Democrat nomination, despite the fact that they are more popular on the national scale.

These primaries are going to be extremely race-driven, as the racial minorities are extremely energized.

I think that in an attempt to beat Trump, one of these white men would have a better chance. But I still think the nominee is going to be Kamala Harris. And that she will lose to Trump by a massive margin.

When it gets to 2024, we are going to have a situation where virtually 100% of white people are on the side of Republicans. Because by then, no one will be able to deny that we are facing a hostile takeover of the country by brown people, who seek to vastly transform our nation, while forcing us to pay for everything.

The question then will simply be whether we have the numbers to elect a white president, and right now it looks as though we will not, based purely on total numbers. However, there is also the issue that it is difficult to energize the colored hordes, because most of them simply don’t care all that much. There is this politically-active minority (backed up by hyper-charged childless white women), which is engaged and I think will be able to sway the primaries for a brown person in 2020, but 2016 showed that black people aren’t really interested in voting for a white person.

It’s an “ain’t nobody got time for that” situation.

And Mexicans care even less, though I think a lot of Mexicans would vote for a Mexican candidate.

So you would need a half-black, half-latinx person who is capable of not screwing everything up and saying nutty things.

2020 Will be a Total Shitshow, I Promise

Elizabeth Warren just today announced that she’s running. Hillary is probably going to announce a run, even with these numbers, simply because she is insane.

Everyone in the above poll is probably going to announce soon.

These people are all going to be ripping out each other’s throats, and forcing one another to go further and further anti-white in order to prove themselves, a process which is really going to make the remaining white people in the Democrat Party very nervous.

This will be a very fun show.

I also think the entire debacle of it is going to be great for our Congressional and Senate situations, because so many people are going to go out and vote against this anti-white agenda, which is going to be so naked and aggressive. And they’ll just check “R” all the way down the ticket.

I don’t like to make hard predictions. But I think it is pretty unlikely that we won’t get back the House.