Democrats Push Resolution to Condemn Anti-Semitism Because Heroic Bulbwoman Said AIPAC Exists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2019

Once again – just for the record here – all that Ilhan Omar did was say that American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) exists. She said it is a lobbying group that influences politics, which is the purpose of political lobbying groups.

That’s all she did.

She was universally condemned as anti-Semitic for saying this organization exists. Because there is no other response. You can’t say it’s a conspiracy theory that AIPAC exists. They have these huge conferences where presidents and other politicians speak and pledge loyalty to Israel. So instead, you just have to accuse people who mention that it exists as being evil haters.

Republicans already condemned her in a resolution that passed unanimously, now Democrats are doing the same – just to be sure that everyone in the country is absolutely clear on just how much our government loves the goddamn evil bloodsucking Jews.

ABC News:

Congressional Democrats are crafting a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, in an indirect but public rebuke of one of their own, Rep. Ilhan Omar, after the latest in a series of remarks she’s made aboutIsrael and its American supporters that have generated a blitz of criticism.

Omar, who was elected alongside Rep. Rashida Tlaib as the first women Muslim members of Congress in U.S. history, continues to speak out against Israel, attracting the scorn of Republicans and Democratic colleagues alike — and competing resolutions from both parties.

Lawmakers, including her party’s leader — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — roundly condemned Omar’s comments as an anti-Semitic trope, and Republicans subsequently deployed a procedural gambit to force the House, including Omar, to vote Feb. 13 to support an amendment condemning anti-Semitism. That effort passed 424-0, with two Republicans voting present and five lawmakers skipping the vote.

The hullabaloo and media attention led to an increased profile for Omar, who just landed a spot on the cover of Rolling Stone alongside Pelosi celebrating the new Democratic majority’s diversity.

Yeah, cover of the Rolling Stone.

I gotta lotta little teenage blue-eyed groupies who will do anything I say, but the cover of the Rolling Stone is a thrill I’ll never know.

I was on the cover of, uh, The Atlantic though…

Honestly, being on the cover of the Atlantic almost makes it sting worse that I’ll never be on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

Although I did buy five copies for my mother.

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