Demographic Analysis of an Anti-Trump, Anti-Russia Protest

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 17, 2018

This picture was on RT today, a stock image of an anti-Trump, anti-Russia protest in July of 2017:

Let’s look at who’s there.

(These descriptions are mine based on the photo itself – I don’t have any information on these people. Ages and race are estimated.)

Unattractive Jewish-looking female, mid twenties:

Overweight beta white male, late twenties:

Attractive white female, mid twenties:

Butch-dyke white female, mid forties:

Moderately attractive white female, early thirties:

White or Jewish male (in a mask so you can’t tell anything else about him):

HAWT AF latinx female, early twenties (sauce plox):

Moderately attractive white female, mid-twenties:

Shitdyke latinx female, forties:

Dangerous latino male, thirtyish:

Overweight beta white male, thirties:

Simple Enough

These demographics are identical to any left-wing protest in America.

For the brown people, their reason to protest is obvious: they have a clear interest in being against Trump.

For the white women, this is a vain act of signaling their moral superiority. Women love to show how “good” they are. This used to mean being sexually moral and religious in nature, it now means “fighting white supremacy.”

The white men there are all of low sexual marketplace value, while also clearly heterosexual, so I think it is safe to assume that this is a sexual strategy. They are going there to signal to women how morally good they are, in an attempt to get laid.