“Demon Possessed” Primate Performs Ooga Booga Dance in Brazilian Hospital

Daily Stormer
March 2, 2017

Now that’s some top-notch cultural enrichment if I ever saw any!

Daily Mail:

A horrifying video shows the moment a man with a gaping facial wound strutted around a hospital corridor as if he were ‘possessed by the devil’.

The footage was reportedly filmed by staff at the Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio, Brazil when the man was brought in after being shot in the face.

I wish we had the backstory to what actually happened here. My guess is that this gentleman of color likely overdosed on too much of the jenkem, and in his hallucinatory frenzy decided that his local crack dealer was actually a KFC chicken leg, at which point said crack dealer felt compelled to shoot him in his watermelon hole, but missed.

There is a silver lining for this dusky fellow who is exactly like you and me, other than a slightly different level of melanin in the skin (because as we all know, everyone is exactly the same). He now has two oral orifices, which means he can do all the necessary negro things with double the efficiency.

For example, he can now eat said KFC and watermelon simultaneously. He just needs to make sure and never eat KFC with one mouth and Popeye’s with the other, as it has long been theorized by leading black science men that eating KFC and Popeye’s at the same time would cause a singularity that would create a new type of black hole, one that would suck both all the energy from the sun, and all the money from the public coffers in every White country to pay double on food stamp cards so that more Negroes could get an extra mouth installed and could then afford to eat two brands of mass-produced, succulent chicken.

People don’t think Colonel Sanders be like he is, but he do…

But the benefits of two mouths are not limited to eating.

Just think, this guy could rap about pimpin’ hoes and slingin’ ‘caine with one mouth, while denouncing the White Honky Oppressor with the other. He could drink a refreshing 40 ounce malt liquor type beverage of his choice with one mouth and hit the crack pipe with the other.

With all that time he saves doing two things at once, he would then have ample opportunity to look for that elusive job and take care of the dozens of children he’s likely sired by a disgusting collection of std infested buffarillas, and if you doubt that he’d do precisely that, you’re probably a racist nazi kkk.

So as you can see, giving blacks just one mouth is another prime example of the nefarious White Privilege. That shit is everywhere mayne!

But most importantly, this negro could go to the welfare office, and explain to them that he now has two mouths to feed, and is thus not only qualified, but absolutely entitled to an extra check each month.

Or, I suppose he cold just keep swaying and reeling about like a drunken baboon, which I’m sure was a regular habit of his before he was gifted with an auxiliary mouth.

Damn show’ll is!

Now, I’m one of these guys who’s interested in getting all the facts, especially when they pertain to a potentially demon-possessed jigaboo, so I placed an overseas call to the hospital. After a half dozen or so Portuguese speaking mud people had the effrontery to speak to me in Portuguese, I demanded to be connected to someone who had the courtesy to speak English, also known as The White Man’s Language, and to my surprise they had an American Negress on the staff. Below is a transcript of the conversation.

Azzmador: Hello, my name is Azzmador, and I write for The Daily Stormer, Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of me. I’d like to ask a few questions about this crazy coon with the gunshot wound to the face. Is it the hospital’s position that he was possessed by a demon, and if so, what kind of demon, specifically? And was it the demon who shot him?

Hospital Negress: Mup da doo didda po mo gub bidda be dat tum muhfugen bix nood cof bin dub ho muhfugga.

Azzmador: Um, okay. Is demon possession a common medical ailment in Brazil?

Hospital Negress: Mup da doo didda po mo gub bidda be dat tum muhfugen bix nood cof bin dub ho muhfugga.

Azzmador: Could you please connect me to a human being, and by “human being,” I obviously mean “White person.”

Hospital Negress: Hol’ up.

(At this point, she attempted to connect me to someone several times, and after being disconnected and/or being transferred to the wrong line several times, I was connected to a young American doctor who had agreed to go to Brazil and work at this hospital to help pay off his student loans, and he was fool enough to actually follow through!)

Azzmador: You speak English? Oh thank God! I thought we had descended to the level of dumb beasts!

White Doctor: Please, please, dear God help me! These people are cannibals! I haven’t been able to leave my office for days because they have a campfire out in the hall with a big cauldron of boiling water and if I go out there I’m going to be dinner! They ate an Argentinian priest yesterday, they will have no problem cooking me. Please call someone at the State Department for me!

Azzmador: Listen guy, I need to know about this whole demon possession thing. I have lots of readers and they are well-informed people who demand the latest information and the utmost in journalistic integrity. Now, about those demons –

White Doctor: They’re breaking down the door! And they have forks and steak knives! Please call someone immediately!

Azzmador: I told you once already, I am a professional journalist gathering content for a story to be published on The World’s #1 Wall Street Journal Fansite and I don’t have time for either your rudeness or your pathetic attempts to stonewall me. Good day sir!

So I hung up. I simply will not tolerate a medical doctor who tries to hide pertinent facts from the readers of this website.

I guess now we’ll never find out about that demon.