Denmark: Candidate Wants Troops to Form a Human Wall on German Border to Keep MOSLEMS Out

Daily Stormer
May 22, 2019

Germany is so overrun by cockroaches that some people in a neighboring country want to build a border wall to prevent the infection from spreading.


A dark horse right-wing candidate in Denmark’s national elections who has called to militarize the country’s land border and to build a wall to keep out migrants just might earn enough votes to enter the parliament.

Immigration is already defining the contours of the upcoming national elections in Denmark, but one party is literally following the “hard line” on the issue, with calls going as far as to strip Muslim Danes of their citizenship, and deport them.

Now, debating two government ministers on Denmark’s Channel 2 TV, Stram Kurs party leader Rasmus Paludan has called for Danish troops to be pulled from overseas peacekeeping missions and to instead be stationed on the country’s border with Germany – all to prevent the entry of Muslim migrants.

“Instead of making invasion wars, where you put Danish help out, to meddle in foreign affairs of other countries, where we cannot perceive the consequences, and where the consequences are mostly awful – Libya, Iraq and Syria, etc. – I think that we should use the defense forces in order to protect our own border, and not meddle in other countries’ affairs. Because we do not want other countries meddling in our affairs,” said Paludan.

Facing off against Interior Minister Emil Amnitzbøl of the Liberal Alliance party and Integration Minister Inger Støjberg of the Venstre party, Paludan called for the construction of a physical border wall that would prevent the entry of asylum-seekers, according to Danish journal Der Nordschleswiger.

That Danish candidate is calling for Denmark’s own Limes Germanicus to keep the filth that has taken over Germany from further infecting the civilized world.

It’s funny and sad at the same time. In the future, after America is also overrun with the brown blob, some people in Canada may also suggest building a border wall to prevent the infection from spreading further north.

“People” of color won’t stop trying to take over our countries unless strong deterrents are put in place, and there may not be a way to do that as long as Jews run our governments.

On its website, the Stram Kurs party – whose name means “Hard Line” – details its political agenda. According to Stram Kurs, the most important challenges facing Denmark are that its people are “being threatened by Muslim dominance-behavior” and that their government “wastes billions each year” on integration programs. The party claims that Muslims have made life “intolerable” in Denmark for homosexuals and Jews, and derides the European Union as a “non-democratic empire” for not prioritizing its demands to keep Muslims out of the country.

The issue here is, if your strategy is based on portraying Islam as the problem, you risk the whole thing crumbling when faced with statements such as “but these blacks and Arabs are Christians, why don’t you let them in?”

We should not be taking people into our countries for the same reason we don’t take random people off the street into our homes when they show up and demand to be let in.

They do not belong.

That having been said, I’m quite sure that Rasmus is the best of the bunch in Denmark, and people absolutely should vote for him and absolutely should demand that he build a wall to keep out the New Germans.

It is only a matter of a short time before Germany is a fully Islamic state. It is an even shorter time before Sweden is a fully Islamic state.

Denmark has stayed relatively pure, but they will not remain so for long the way things are going. They need to turtle-up and be ready to weather the coming storm.

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