Denmark: Government Finds Solution to Ghettos – Just Spread the “People” in Them Around

Daily Stormer
November 26, 2018

I’ve been trying to figure out why Denmark is morally obligated to bring invaders in the country in the first place.

The closest thing to an answer I’ve found is that they have to atone for stealing the Inuits’ snow under colonialism, which is apparently the only reason they’re not a shithole today.

“Danmark took… my snow…”

The Local:

A majority in the Danish parliament on Thursday voted through a bill that could see sweeping physical changes made to underprivileged areas defined by the state as ‘ghettos’.

“Underprivileged areas” 

Not “areas that look shockingly similar to the ones where these creatures originally came from,” which would be an accurate description.

The plan passed by parliament Thursday also sets out preventive measures against the development of underprivileged areas into ghettos in future, Ritzau reports.

A maximum of 40 percent of housing may be allocated to a form of social housing known in Danish as almene familieboliger (normal family housing) in areas encompassed by the plan. That is likely to require demolition of some housing where it is not economically viable to convert it into other forms, it was reported earlier this week.

In virtually all White countries, one of the main reasons for the lowering of the birthrate is that housing costs a lot, and people usually want to buy a home before having kids.

And the main reason that housing prices go up is that you have to buy your house far away from areas infested by brown people, because those areas are unlivable.

So by spreading these creatures around, they’ll increase housing prices in all the livable (White) areas, which will then make it even harder for Danes to start a family and lower the birthrate further, and increase the (((calls))) for more immigration.

Am I crazy for thinking this was the idea from the beginning?

Critics of the programme say that the reforms will move social problems associated with the areas to other locations, rather than provide real solutions.

There are only two solutions out there – deportation or extermination.

Nothing else has ever worked anywhere.

“How do you provide a helping hand by either selling or demolishing housing? There are people in this country who can’t just go out and buy themselves an apartment,” lead political spokesperson Pernille Skipper of the leftwing Red-Green Alliance party said.

Nice to see these “green” parties finally going openly communistic.

“Nobody has answered the question of where these people are to live,” Skipper added.


Minister for Transport, Construction and Housing Ole Birk Olesen submitted the bill, which was voted for by the coalition government, the rightwing Danish People’s Party and two opposition parties, the Social Democrats and the Socialist People’s Party.

This party is legit, at least on paper, so I don’t understand why they’re not focusing on getting rid of non-Whites entirely, instead of moving them around like this.

Kaare Dybvad, housing spokesperson with the Social Democrats, was during Thursday’s parliamentary session engaged in a long discussion with MPs from the Red-Green Alliance and Alternative parties, who were opposed to the bill, Ritzau writes.

“We take the basic view that concentrating social problems increases social problems,” Dybvad said.

“We do not believe it’s advantageous to grow up in a neighbourhood where there are many social and integration-related problems,” he added.

So the magical dirt isn’t magical enough in some parts, and for some reason all the brown people always end up exactly there.

Funny how that happens…

Still time to turn around…

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  1. “I’ve been trying to figure out why Denmark is morally obligated to bring invaders in the country in the first place.”

    If they owe anyone anything, it is fellow Europeans for the damage that Vikings did to them. Maybe Wales could sue for compensation for the loss of England.

    But seriously, all the slime flooding in now was never harmed by Denmark in the past, recent or distant. Even if they had to bring over Inuit to make it up to them for stealing their snow, at least they would be a lot more harmless than the sort of cultural enrichment that they have now.

    The main reason they want to spread the parasites around is so that more Danes can experience diversity and that more mongrels will be born.

  2. They’ve got the wrong logo. I believe this is the legit Danish peoples party.

    To be honest Denmar- fuck all White Nations have a high standard of living and a lot of pussy faggots who LARP as liberals because they don’t know how fucking annoying the niggers, and shit are; I say good lets let all these fuckers who don’t vote for the DPP suffer; perhaps when its time to vote they’ll make the right choice; and in the mean time they can gather under a new banner

  3. No, you’re not crazy at all. This is all about making house prices as high as possible in white lands because the vast majority of people need to get a mortgage to buy a house, so the higher the house price, the more money the banks make in interest payments. It was a big reason for the banking deregulations of 1999 and 2000 in the US/UK (in the UK house prices went up a whopping 180% in the following few years as people were allowed to borrow unaffordable amounts, and Blair let millions of non-whites into the country).

    So this move of creating mini-ghettos all over Denmark is a double whammy against whites - both reducing the places where whites feel safe raising children and indebting them even further into old age.

    gg Jews, but I see what you did there… and when other people start to notice it too you’d better watch out…

  4. It’s always the same fucking stories and the same useless fucking solutions. No matter how thinly you spread the shit, you’ll still have a shit sandwich.

  5. Boing says:

    100% Correct.

    And when you’ve bought your home in a decent area miles from the scum , you just have to pray to God that the area isn’t over-run by brown & black invaders. Ridiculous state of affairs

  6. Andy says:

    After such an experience, you might think niggers are stunted imbeciles for opening a business while not speaking a word of English or the country’s native language. But what people fail to realize is that these people know very well that, at some point, they will become majorities in those neighborhoods and most of the customers will be other non-whites, as soon as they overwhelm the place with sheer numbers. They won’t need to speak the native language anymore. Like in California. It’s a long term investment. Plus the government gives them reassurance that the welfare keeps flowing no matter what. The darkies are sensing that they’re about to take over.

  7. Ah, Denmark is following the same plan that homosexual jewtools Barry Obama and Julian Castro actually put on paper during the nigger faggot’s second term. Obama actually looked at areas that were 90% White and said that this needed to be “remedied”.

    If you want to see how quickly this can destroy a city, look at “Surf City” itself, Huntington Beach, CA. At one point it was the eighth richest city in the US, literally snow white. The gubmint put in massive subsidized apartment buildings all over town, some of them literally in mall parking lots (eminent domain, you screeching Whites get out of the way!). The city is now jam-packed with muds; mexicans, niggers, niggers from the motherland itself - Apefrica, squatemalans and salvadorans and more. It’s unreal. And most of it accomplished in just 4 years.

    It should be added that somehow the kikes were aware of all of this ahead of time. Somehow. They bought up a lot of the property where the “apartments” were going to go up - a couple of years ahead of time - when no one else was aware of what was coming. Then those gosh darn crafty people made a profit, the gubmint paying them based on property assessments that were for some reason higher than “other people” received for properties of the same size, right next to the plots of land owned by the kikes. How does that happen? Oh those lucky jews.

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