Denmark Puts Ads in Moslem Newspapers Telling People They’re Not Welcome

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2015

Do not pass go, do not collect $6.6 billion
Do not pass go, do not collect $6.6 billion

Business Insider:

The Danish government has taken out ads in the Lebanese press bluntly telling many refugees they are not welcome in the country.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the ads were released in four Lebanese newspapers on Monday.

“Foreign nationals granted temporary protection in Denmark will not have the right to bring family members to Denmark during the first year,” said the text posted by the Ministry of Immigration, Integration & Housing.

“As the refugee pressure looks in Europe right now, I don’t think one will redirect many by giving out this kind of information,” Ninna Nyberg Sørensen, a migration researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies, told Jyllands-Posten.

Oh, a woman? In a Nordic country? Lecturing about how not to be mean to the brown folk?

"But what about beach boy? Do you like that he's dead? Do you realize that beach boy would still be alive if Europe didn't have borders?"
“But what about beach boy? Do you like that he’s dead? Do you realize that beach boy would still be alive if Europe didn’t have borders? Do you even care about beach boy?”

Now I’ve seen everything!

Here’s the full ad:


In other words “just go to Germany.”


  1. General Bartram of Denmark, when the muslim men get guns will they kill many Denmark soldiers?

  2. Send this ad to the Donald. Maybe he can add it to his immigration plan.

  3. Denmark has been shown to hold up quite a sturdy resistance to the invading swarms infatuating Europe. Well done Danish comrades!

  4. Just tell them they will have to work and not breed like rats; that puts the cold fear of death onto their faces.

  5. who reads lebanese newspapers? shiites and arab christians hahaha. what a stupid act.

  6. Why not also consider placing ads like this in India and China’s newspapers?

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    • “judge ye not”

      Plus, the IQ is not purely a moral based concept.

      Many people have master degree’s (have mastered the lies of the state) which is based upon regurgitation of a formula that has been created by those who wish to guide their empire, allowing the “achiever” to create more money for them.

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      Rothchild Bank, will tell you money is moot unless you can get a nations complicity to use their market system, so they can obtain power over everyone by encouraging violence using peoples love or want for money, instead of what God has given everyone.

      Don’t believe me?

      Does the Grape Vine demand money before it produces grapes for man?

      Nope, so why do we buy them using man’s system of commerce?

      Also can anyone with a IQ higher than 100 overcome the death of their soul (the most valuable part of who you are) without God’s grace?

      • There is nothing inately wrong with money , which is merely a token used in exchange for goods and services . Before money we bartered goods , but how in todays technological age would that work ? ” I will trade you my laptop for a bag of groceries ” it just wouldn’t work , how would you pay for utilities ? with three sheep and a goat ?
        Money was a natural progression . The problem is usury and that the Nations money supply is in the hands of private bankers , an international clique ….

    • Jean-Marc Montizambert

      A clear exception, obviously. There is no use parading around exceptional individuals as supposed evidence of a non-existent rule. Most Indians are brighter than niggers and Arabs, I’ll give them that, but not still not awfully intelligent. Also, I imagine northern Indians are probably significantly smarter than southerners. Given how many of them there are, there are obviously a lot of geniuses amongst them, but that comes down to sheer numbers. On average, they’re not that smart at all.

  7. well, at least its a start, though not a very good one.

  8. Still not good enough.
    1. Need to completely remove welfare benefits
    2. Non Europeans will not be accepted into the country at all

  9. A few words from Schopenhauer on the Jews. You can never allow them citizenship, access to your politics or education.

    And even so today, this gens extorris [refugee race], this John Lackland
    among the nations, is to be found all over the globe, nowhere at home
    and nowhere strangers. Moreover it asserts its nationality with
    unprecedented obstinacy and, mindful of Abraham who dwelt in Canaan as a
    stranger but who gradually became master of the whole land, as his God
    had promised him (Genesis 17:8), it would like to set foot somewhere and
    take root in order to arrive once more at a country, without which, of
    course, a people is like a ball floating in air. Till then, it lives
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    upon himself the hatred and loathing of all the rest [of the Jews], as
    do all other apostates. On the contrary, he continues as a rule to be
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    naturally with a few orthodox exceptions. … Accordingly, it is an
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    religious sect. But if, in order to countenance this error, Judaism is
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    The old people knew that women are gullible, hence should be quiet and stay out of important things. Any race that gave women too much say went into decline. Even the Romans didn’t let them vote.

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