Denmark Prosecutes 14 People For Sharing Hiker Shield-Maiden’s Beheading Video

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2019

Remember the two backpacking shield-maidens that were beheaded in Morocco? There was video of one of the murders circulating the internet by the end of last year, and some people even posted the video in the Facebook of the victim’s mother.

Back then, Sweden threatened people with four years in prison for sharing the video, and now Denmark is prosecuting 14 people for doing just that.


Danish police have launched prosecutions against 14 people who allegedly shared a video showing the murder of a young woman in Morocco.

Police inspector Michael Kjeldgaard at East Jutland Police said that the individuals were charged after sharing the footage via Facebook Messenger or other social media, according to a statement released on Thursday.

Twelve individuals have been charged with unauthorized disclosure of the video under “especially aggravating” circumstances.

This section of the Danish penal code is normally used to prosecute those who share images or videos of people that they would not want to be made public, such as revenge porn, Deputy Attorney General Jakob Berger Nielsen told CNN via telephone.

Berger Nielsen said that the law is designed to protect people from having images of them shared online without their consent.

He is not aware of any previous cases of the article being used to prosecute those who share terror-related content.

It’s important that everybody knows that it could be illegal to share these kinds of images,” he said.


“Yeah we’ve never done this kind of thing before, people regularly shared videos of terrorism killings and stuff, but now diversity is at risk and we must act.”

This video is special because it depicts a white woman being brutally murdered after falling for the equality delusion and going to hike in Morocco. Our social engineering overlords can’t afford white women watching this video and realizing that maybe, just maybe, some parts of the world are best kept out of their home.

Editor's Note: Either that, or the video was getting these whores so wet they were upping their protests demanding more Arabs be brought in. Remember, "Danmark" is the one Scandi country that hasn't been going full-Sweden with immigration. -AA

Keep in mind that women are the main force pushing for open borders after the Jews and their corporations.

They don’t want to scare them out of diversity.

Under aggravating circumstances it is punishable by up to three years in prison, according to Danish police.

Two more people were charged with apologizing for terrorism, which relates to expressing “joy or amusement” about a terror attack, said Nielsen.

If convicted, the defendants face a fine or up to two years in prison, according to police.

Police stated that of the 14 people who have been charged, six are aged 13-18, three are aged 22-36 and five are aged 45-69.

People from all ages were sharing the video and some allegedly laughed at the stupid girl getting beheaded (WARNING: GRAPHICafter thinking you shouldn’t judge people by their appearance. Why should that be punishable?

Really. Let’s take ten seconds to ponder on this.

It should be punishable because people need to know that they can’t talk about the downsides of diversity and globalism; they can’t just show a video depicting some of the bad parts of multiculturalism and let people know that brown man bad. The population needs to think that every culture can live together and mix and that doing that is a strength so we can replace them faster.

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