Denmark the Latest to Ban Female Haji Ninja Mask – Why? What is the Point?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2017

I am so sick of these burka bans.


The Danish ruling coalition parties have expressed their support for the full-face veil ban. As Denmark is set to ban the Muslim conservative garb, which EU countries will it join?

The liberal Venstre Party, the senior member of the ruling coalition, has announced its support for the ban on wearing full-face veils in public places following a party meeting dedicated to the issue Friday.

“The forthcoming ban on face covering will receive backing from Venstre,” the liberal party’s spokesman, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, told the Danish broadcaster DR, adding that it will be “not a religiously defined ban but it will still obviously cover burqa and niqab.”

The stance of another coalition member, the libertarian Liberal Alliance (LA), has also drastically changed. The party that opposed the ban just last month, arguing that it might isolate Muslim women and prevent them from leaving their homes altogether, now also said it would back such an initiative.

“Everyone agrees that the burqa is an expression of extreme oppression of women,” the party leader, Anders Samuelsen, wrote Friday in a Facebook post. He went on to say that his party is “in favor” of the ban, if the Danish authorities could impose it “without harming ourselves and our values.”

A recent poll commissioned by DR in late September showed that 62 percent of the Danish population are in favor of such a ban, while fewer than one in four oppose it.

In the meantime, half a dozen EU states have already introduced similar nationwide bans, while in some other countries restrictions on wearing face-covering veils exist at a regional level.

What is the point of this?

Well, the stated point is to “stop oppression of women.”

The actual underlying point is to try to force these monkeys to integrate into Western society.

Hey guys – guess what, guys – France already tried that. They spent half a century trying it.

And third generation hajis are still mass murdering them.

It doesn’t work.

Here are the real life options, for those of us who have enough balls to deal with reality:

  1. Convert your entire nation to Islam
  2. Remove the Moslems


There is no third option.

Because, der dumb fucks, as soon as they become the majority they are just going to repeal all of your “integration” laws – and then pass laws that force you to integrate to them.

Which part is confusing here?

Seriously: point me to exactly which part of this equation confuses you.

Tell me which part confuses you and I will do my very, very best to elaborate.