Denmark: Thousands of Illiterate Migrant Children Being Stuffed Into Normal Classes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2016


Typical migrant schoolboy

This is another one of this “reality becomes satire of itself” situations: thousands of illiterate migrant children are being shoved into normal school classes in Denmark.

To make it even funnier, most of them are presumably in their twenties and thirties. They all lie about their age because they get special privileges – including being undeportable – if they’re under 18.

The Local:

As students across Denmark return to school this week, many will be joined by new classmates who can’t yet speak Danish.

In at least 23 municipalities, officials plan to place refugee children directly into the public school system even if they haven’t yet mastered the local language.

Broadcaster TV2 surveyed officials in Denmark’s 98 municipalities on their plans to educate refugee children. Of the 75 municipalities that responded, 23 of them said that refugee kids would be placed in normal classes rather than special introductory courses that have been offered in the past. A number of additional municipalities said that they are considering following course.

In most instances the school officials said that special language training and other initiatives would be available to the refugee children, but that hasn’t stopped the Danish Union of Teachers (Danmarks Lærerforening) from criticizing the plans.

“Under all circumstances, this will mean that a student who doesn’t speak Danish will require something extra and that will naturally take away from the other students,” the union’s deputy chair, Dorte Lange, told TV2.

Although his municipality told TV2 it would not be placing refugee children in normal classes this year, Aalborg Mayor Thomas Kastrup-Larsen said that mixing refugees with other Danish children as soon as possible is a wise strategic move.

“It is an investment that is made based on what will provide the best integration and the best school, while also proving to be the most effective in the long run,” he said.

It’s sure to be an enrichful experience.

Especially for the girls.

Hint: they will get most will get groped, many will get raped.

But there’s enrichment for the boys too.