Designer Vaginas: Women are Spending Thousands on “Vaginal Rejuvenation” Treatments

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2019

Keep the above image in mind while reading the below.

Daily Mail:

‘I’m going in,’ announces Dr Shirin Lakhani, needle in hand and torch strapped to her forehead.

Beside her sits a large, whirring machine with a highly intimidating attachment which looks a little like something you’d find in an adult shop.

It is 10am and I am witnessing the first appointment of the day at Dr Lakhani’s sexual rejuvenation clinic, Elite Aesthetics.

Since she opened the doors in 2013, women have been flocking here for the most intimate kinds of nip and tuck procedure.

Dr. Shirin Lakhani, left, with The Mail On Sunday’s Eve Simmons, right.

First up is 57-year-old Denise, a married mother of four from Kent, who seems oddly unfazed that she is about to have a £1,200 treatment that involves injections into her genitals.

The jab contains a protein extracted from Denise’s blood. It is said to ‘plump’ the vaginal wall, easing dry skin and soreness, and improving problems with incontinence, all of which can go hand-in-hand with childbirth and the menopause.

It will, according to Dr Lakhani, make Denise feel – and look – 20 years younger ‘down there’.

Eight minutes later she hops off the table, without the vaguest hint of discomfort (she’d had numbing cream applied to the area before being injected) or embarrassment.

‘It gives me peace of mind. I’d do it again over and over and over,’ says the furniture designer, who runs a thriving small business.


The demand for so-called vaginal rejuvenation has leapt 40 per cent since 2015, with the market estimated to be worth at least £2 billion by 2021.

Labiaplasty, in which the skin on either side of the vagina is cut back in order to ‘improve’ the appearance, is the fastest-growing cosmetic operation in the world, four times more frequent than five years ago.

In the UK, hundreds of clinics now offer non-surgical treatments using injections, lasers and other devices to plump and tighten the intimate area.


While most of Dr Lakhani’s patients opt for functional treatments, a small number are enticed by the purely cosmetic.

An array of lotions and potions, costing £500 plus, are offered to make the labia plumper, lighter and more symmetrical.

Hyaluronic acid or a woman’s own fat can be injected into the labia majora (the outer folds of the vulva) to ‘plump’ out the sagging skin and improve symmetry.

Discolouration can be treated too, using either acid or lasers applied to the labia and inner thigh to break down the pigment in the skin.


Another popular treatment at both clinics involves a probe-like, heat-emitting device being inserted into the vagina. This is supposed to strengthen the muscles internally and plumps the skin externally, although independent studies are yet to prove this to be true.

The machine used by Dr Lakhani is called the UltraFemme360, while Dr Sims has something called a MonaLisa Touch.

Studies carried out by the manufacturers suggest that three sessions, about six to eight weeks apart, can effectively reduce incontinence for up to a year.

The aesthetics industry – which these clinics fall under – is vastly unregulated, meaning anyone can carry out these procedures.

Just as you don’t need a qualification to inject Botox into someone’s face, nor do you need one to use heat-emitting device in the vagina.

The creatures that resort to makeup, vaginal surgeries, vaginal “rejuvenation” potions, perky tits subliminal messaging and other deceptions should have no power over you.

This is what they do: they deceive. They may not always do it consciously and they may have logical-sounding excuses for every deception, but don’t let that distract you from the nature of their behavior.

Women are insecure because they are weak.

They’re incapable of confidence. When you see a very attractive and “social media famous” girl, you may see in their attitude what resembles confidence.

It is a lie. Don’t fall for it.

I know it is a lie. You know it is a lie, too. You always knew it, but you were deceived and made to believe that women were capable of the things you are capable of.

They are not.

They are cursed replicas, parodies of Manu (मनु)  that can only experience an instance of redemption through childbirth.

After all the talk of helping patients’ bodies work better, isn’t this just the beauty industry cashing in on women’s insecurities?

Dr Jen Gunter, US gynaecologist and author of the forthcoming one-stop-shop intimate health book, The Vagina Bible, thinks so.

It is very easy to make women feel ashamed about their bodies,’ she tells me. Unnecessary procedures are offered to women when they are vulnerable, usually undressed during an intimate examination. If a doctor starts recommending it, women will feel they need it.’

You heard the doctor. If you want to mind-control women and make them do your bidding, one of the best times to put ideas into their heads is while they’re naked. Bonus points if you’re having sex with them and they’re really into it.

Just as drugs can mess with people’s mental firewalls and make them receive signals that shouldn’t be received, sex can make a woman’s mind significantly more welcoming of your ideas.

“The heat of the moment” isn’t just about them being willing to do much more than they’d be willing to do otherwise. Once the boundaries are pushed, they don’t ever go back to their exact original position. The heat-fueled mechanism that enables you to push her boundaries can also be used to rearrange her thoughts and ideas.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you should give complex instructions and engage the logical part of their brains (don’t be autistic) while you have sex with them.

It means that you can turn “dirty talk” into a powerful weapon.

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