Detroit: White High School Football Player Call Black Enemy “Niggers” and Wave Confederate Flags

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2014

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In Detroit, the White high school football players of Bedford High stand accused of calling an enemy Black team “niggers” and waving confederate flags, local media reports.

Many people have the tendency to assume anything like this is some sort of hoax, given that there have been so many instances of Blacks, faggots, Jews and other allegedly oppressed groups staging “hate crimes” against their own selves to garner sympathy from gullible goyim.

However, it isn’t always the case, and in this instance, it seems to have actually happened. It is Detroit, after all – surely this White team would have some pretty serious feelings of animosity toward Blacks in general.

And this is a good thing. “Racism” is really just a codeword for the primal drive of tribalism – to be with those who are like you, to view them as an in-group, and view outsiders as an out-group and competitor. White people are severely lacking in this, due to our particular evolutionary development, and it is this lack of tribalism which has led to an acceptance of multiculturalism and all of the hell that has come with it.

So, as waving Confederate flags – something which is instinctively recognized as a tribal symbol for the White American people – and calling Blacks mean names may not in itself be productive, it symbolizes an extremely positive development: that young White people are beginning to view themselves as a collective, which is at odds with other collectives.

We are going to need to reconnect with our tribal nature if we wish to stand any chance at all of continuing our existence.