Did Maxine Waters Really Just Kick Off the Race War?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2018

I just wrote an article about how we’re in the jostling/pushing phase leading into a possible all out civil war/bar fight in the US.

Harassment of Republican politicians is a spreading phenomenon now. This just came out:

And you know that some of these guys are going to cave.

Having some irate mulatto teenagers following them around with signs might actually make some of these politicians cuck out.

American upper-class types are so fragile, a single brush with an irate leftist might be enough to make them quiver in fear and reevaluate their life decisions.

But that’s whatever.

What’s more interesting is how all it took was one crazy nigress to start this whole thing.

Imagine if someone with a little more clout starts endorsing this sort of harassment.

We’re straddling the line of political terrorism here.

Of course, no one is going to sit this she-ape down and explain it to her. In her mind, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the behavior she’s espousing – I guarantee it.

An understanding of acceptable behavior in White society isn’t really black people’s forte.

I really don’t think that she realizes that there’s anything wrong with what she’s calling for.

She’s just doing what a Black politician always does – she’s crossing the line of propriety and doing it with enough ‘tude that no one’s got the balls to stand up to her.

So there’s that element at work here, no doubt.

It must be hard for non-Americans to understand just how much leeway blacks are accorded in American society.

I think Maxine could literally lead a DC ghetto nog army on the Capital, and Americans would still shrug or just tut-tut a bit as the leadership relocated to Colorado.

In other words, I think Maxine could do it.

I think she could lead her revolution against the White Man and no one would do anything, because, well, she’s a negress, she lost her temper, she can’t quite help herself.

White people give black people an enormous amount of leeway. Seriously. You wouldn’t believe it until you saw it, my fellow Yuropeans.

It does not escape me that Maxine is the feminine version of Maximus. What a fantastic name.

Boy, oh boy, am I entertained.

She’s going to go all the way and challenge the God Emperor.

Leading a slave revolt.

Yes, that is her destiny. Forget George Washington, soon we’re going to have Maxines on our dollar bills.