Did the Kikes Just Shoot Down a Russian Jet in Syria??

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2018

It’s too soon to know what happened. But yeah, they’ve got all this EMP-related weaponry now that just makes electronics stop working and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jews or an American cruiser fired a ray gun or something at this plane.


A Russian military jet has crashed off the coast of Syria’s Latakia, killing two pilots on board, the Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed.

On Thursday morning, a Russian Su-30SM went down in the Mediterranean Sea after taking off from Khmeimim Airbase. Pilots “fought to take the aircraft under control till the last minute,” the Russian Defense ministry said. Both of them died as the result of the incident.

The crash may have been caused by a bird hitting the engine, the ministry said, citing preliminary data. The aircraft did not come under fire.

The Su-30SM is the first warplane in the Su-30 family of “Flankers” to be lost by the Russian military.

Yea, see here’s the thing. I don’t buy that.

You don’t make a million dollar war machine whose kryptonite is seagulls. 

I suspect this is the Russians doing what they’ve done several times already: they’re pretending they weren’t hit by a military attack because that would mean they would have to retaliate…and that would mean war.

So that leaves us speculating whether it was the kikes or the Americans who did this.

My money is on the kikes. They’ve been doing everything to provoke a war between Russia and the US, just like they tried to get the US involved in their war with Egypt when they bombed the USS Liberty.

This is really intense shit.

I need to get out of the city, ASAP.