Dilbert Man Scott Adams Loses Wife’s Son to Chink Narcotics! Declares Jihad Against China!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2018

Scott Adams’ stepson just died of a fentanyl overdose. It was apparently caused by a fentanyl patch. 

It turns out that this fentanyl stuff is in everything now. Even in weed. It’s downright diabolical. People are dropping dead left and right from it. White people mostly.

I must admit, I was tempted to mock Scott Adams at first. Because he looks like the guy on the meme, and seems to be suffering.


I was eventually moved to compassion.

Adams looks generally sad. About as repentant as a Boomer can get, in fact.

The drug/fentanyl epidemic is indeed serious and I realized that I need to put aside my natural disdain for Boomers to address this problem.

Furthermore, he didn’t just blame drugs. He went a step further and made a well-reasoned statement apportioning blame where, I believe, blame deserved to be apportioned.

Chinese drug dealers do need to be stopped.


I’m not sure that I agree with Scott’s radical proposal to genocide every single Chinese man, woman and child.

For many of these people, living in China is punishment enough, no?

But I’m not thinking like all the people who have lost loved ones to drugs.

Jokes aside, I’m sure many of them are quite mad. Justifiably so.

But I do want to stress that this is all the Boomers’ fault, by the way. Their “live and let live” philosophy caused this. Weakness and apathy always lead to suffering and death. And this idea that we should just let whatever flow into the country just because there’s a market for it is lolbert nonsense. Funny enough, Scott Adams was a lolbergtardian last I checked as well…

But whatever.

I’m just saying that all those idiots who talk about legalizing drugs and just letting whatever happen and flow into the country are dead wrong.

Most people, if given disposable income, allowed too much free time and stripped of a strict moral code will end up doing drugs or other similarly self-destructive behavior.

See, a parent doesn’t allow a child to just wander around and crawl across broken glass if he/she so chooses. I should specify: a non-Boomer parent. Cuz we all know that Boomers would let that happen and just say some stupid shit like, “he’s just finding himself!” or whatever.

Which is retarded. A good parent restricts access to danger and protects the infant from itself.

Most people are functionally infants and need the state to assume the parental role in some aspects of their lives. 

Putting a needle, a spoon and an open flame in front of a regular person and telling him that he will not suffer any consequences from giving it a go is like giving a child a sippy cup filled with poison milk.

Why would you do that? 

Unless you are a sadistic villain, trying to make some point about the fallen nature of most people’s souls… what is the point?

We need to ban this shit. The government needs to kill the drug-dealers Duterte style. Then we go into any country that continues to smuggle it into the US and kill the people there that are doing it. This time, we need to make sure the CIA isn’t making side deals to fund their operations if we want to be successful. And then we kill the people who refuse to drop the addiction.

In other words, we eliminate the supply, the middle-men and the demand.

Problem solved. 

I agree with Scott Adams on this issue. We gotta do something about the poisoned drugs. And we gotta get on that shit right now. 


This is Scott Adam’s most inspired work to date: