Dindu and Coalburner Duo Rob a Guy at an ATM – Nog Bit Dude’s Ear Off

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2018

If you get into a fist fight with a nog, you are likely going to lose a chunk of your body.

So remember that.


Authorities are searching for two suspects who allegedly robbed a man in Old Town Scottsdale and bit off a portion of his ear.

On Monday evening, authorities responded to the area of 1st Street and Brown Avenue after receiving reports of a robbery in the area.

The victim told officers that he was standing in line behind an African-American man and Caucasian woman to use an ATM, a police spokesperson said. After the pair finished and walked away, the man began his own transaction.

At some point, the couple returned and attacked the man, police said. During their fight, the suspect allegedly bit a portion of the victim’s ear off.