Dior Straits: Johnny Depp Attacked Over Racist Indian Perfume Ad

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2019

People claim that the French are about 10 years behind the rest of the West in terms of the development of the narrative, because of the fact that they’ve totally refused to learn English. We are told that it takes longer for the narrative to be absorbed by them when they cannot understand American music and movies in their original language.

That seems about accurate to me. The “American Freedom” disease is very much reliant on the English language.

The “controversial” new ad from Christian Dior, a Paris luxury brand, would have been totally fine ten years ago, and now is totally and completely not fine.

The ad, for the Savauge perfume, features Johnny Depp playing guitar, while an Indian in full feathers does a rain dance, and a sultry Indian squaw eyes Depp from the bushes with a mind to do a rain dance on him.

At first glance, this is clearly a celebration of Indians, who don’t get much play at all these days. You’d think it would be good for the Indian brand. They don’t get much of a chance to be sexy, what with being a bunch of drunken cigarette salesmen ripping you off at their criminal casinos.

However, the rules of current year are that if you’re a white person and do anything with any reference at all to nonwhite people, you’ve broken the iron law of Twitter, which is “thou shall not be white.”

Plus, the word “savauge” sort of is like the word “savage.”

Some people tried to talk sense, but as always, it was to no avail.

Dior shouldn’t worry, however.

No one who gets angry about racism on Twitter is going to buy a $70 bottle of men’s perfume anyway. These are low-level plebs who were told they could become middle class by taking on massive student loan debt, and they are being spurred on by smelly, cheap Jews.

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