Disgusting Fag Lindsey Graham Falsely Claims That Mocking John McCain’s Death Isn’t Funny

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2018

Politicians are known to be the worst liars and cheats this side of Paki taxi drivers, but the thinly closeted homosexual Lindsey Graham took “lying politician” to a new level of ridiculousness Saturday when he claimed that mocking John McCain’s death isn’t funny.

Speaking from Jew Israel, the queer little twerp did not even attempt to back up this outrageous claim with reason, facts or evidence.

He literally said “that’s not who we are.”

Who is “we” in that sentence, faggot? It’s not the normal American, who is ready to pop their best champaign as soon as the shitbag traitor and Maoist communist Israel agent Songbird McCain kicks the bucket.

With this “who we are” stuff, I would always be happy to have a further elaboration on exactly who the fuck you assholes are. Because no one seems clear on that.

Washington Post:

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) blasted White House officials Saturday for refusing to condemn a vile remark made about the mortality of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), with whom Graham spent several days last week as McCain battled an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Graham, who also has maintained good relations with President Trump, suggested that Trump might consider apologizing himself on behalf of the entire office after a press aide, Kelly Sadler, dismissed McCain’s opposition to CIA nominee Gina Haspel by saying “he’s dying, anyway.”

“It’s [a] pretty disgusting thing to say, if it was a joke, it was a terrible joke,” Graham said Saturday in an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation,” set to air Sunday morning.

Songbird John didn’t even need tortured, he just checked into the Hanoi Hilton for the ladyboys and to support the rapid spread of communism across Asia.

However, obviously torture does work.

When people say torture doesn’t work, what they are talking about how people will give wrong information if they don’t actually know anything, which is a very specific kind of situation. If you are torturing someone who does know something, they will always eventually give the information. That is just the fact.

I don’t support this CIA nominee for a whole bunch of different reasons, but I am tired of this “torture doesn’t actually work as a means of extracting information” meme.

I think mostly during the Bush years, torture was used as a deterrent rather than an information extraction technique, and that definitely gets into a super-dark place. Basically they were just routinely torturing people in Iraqi prisons, then releasing a certain number of them with their brains all fucked up and saying “let this be a lesson on what happens if we catch you.” That obviously would also work, generally.

But yeah.

Dark place.

Iron Gina’s Thailand black sites though were for people who were actually believed to have information that could be extracted from them. Which is also a dark place.

I’m too old and jaded to go into some moralfagism about torture being “morally wrong.” I am tired of a “humanitarian superpower” which routinely uses torture claiming the moral highground over people like Rody Duterte or Bashir al-Assad.

Mostly, I am tired of these insane wars for Jews, generally.