Disney Getting BTFO: New Star Wars Cartoon Trailer Getting Downvoted to Oblivion

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 25, 2018


Disney thought they could just buy Star Wars and turn it into a vehicle for their subversive social engineering agenda.

Well, they could, and they did.

On the other hand, they also thought that they’d be able to make boatloads of money while doing so, and that the dumb fans would just lap up their filth without complaining.

They were wrong about that part, I can tell you that.

One Angry Gamer:

Disney is feeling the burn now. The company recently released a new trailer for the upcoming Disney animated show, Star Wars: Resistance, and fans have made it known that they aren’t having anymore of Disney’s agenda at all.

Gee, I wonder what could possibly have pushed them over the edge?

Purple-haired bitches?

Monkey-faced niggers?

Total lack of White male characters?

The trailer was posted up August 17th to the Disney channel. It features a minute long breakdown of Star Wars: Resistance and the general plot of the show, which centers around a goofy young man who joins the Rebels. His job is to weed out potential defectors and spies within the ranks and report back to pilot Poe Dameron. The show is set to premiere on October 7th at 10:00pm EST on the Disney Channel. You can view the trailer below.

Even though the trailer is competently put together and the visuals are passable, fans are already riding the hate train against Disney’s agenda-driven intent to indoctrinate fans with their Cultural Marxist propaganda. The protest from fans is adequately reflected in the like/dislike ratio, which his surprisingly still active on the trailer.

The show looks like complete garbage. However, the trailer isn’t particularly offensive, in terms of SJW ideology being pushed.

It’s clear that this virulent reaction from the fans is a result of them still being sour about Disney’s past crimes.

Fans don’t hide the fact that this is still a carryover of disdain and disgruntlement of how the Star Wars franchise has been handled under Disney, more specifically under Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson.

Instead of trying to course-correct and steer the ship back toward what fans love and enjoy, the creators have been attacking the fans, blaming #GamerGate, calling them “white supremacists”, and labeling them as “detestable”.

They must have had to hold their tongues to prevent themselves from labeling them “deplorables,” lol.

I’m sure it would have gone over well.

Fans have decided that the best way to save Star Wars is to abandon Star Wars, so they boycotted Solo: A Star Wars Story and have now expressed their unyielding drive to see the brand either fixed or destroyed.

Disney really screwed the pooch with these shitty Star Wars movies. They could have made appealing action-adventure movies for centuries and made trillions of dollars, if only they didn’t try to cram as much Jew POZ as possible into each one.

But Disney isn’t especially well known for being reasonable, even by Jewish standards.

More like insane psychopaths.

I’ve said before that Disney could redeem themselves by making an Empire-centric Star Wars movie where you just have Darth Vader and Stormtroopers mowing down alien minorities for two hours.

I’m available for the director and script-writer job, btw.

However, by this point, I’m not even sure this would be enough.

The fans are screaming for blood.

Nothing else than the public execution of Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson, as well as all the upper-level kikes responsible for this travesty will stay their anger.

I guess just firing them would also work.