Disney’s Cinderella: Black Hero Overcomes Corrupt White Duke

Human Stupidity
March 14, 2015


Disney’s Cinderella: Black Hero Overcomes Corrupt White Duke

Virtuous Black captain (Nonson Anozie) overcame evil White treachery by the Duke and Cinderella’s stepmother in the Disney movie debut today [1] [2] [3]

Politically correct MSM narrative

1) Black Hero overcomes Evil White treachery

Disney’s movie version of the European Cinderella fairy tale enriched medieval Europe with Black racial diversity.  Disney’s “Cinderella movie” satisfied the narrative: the black savior, captain Nonson Anozie is the instrumental pivot that led to the happy ending. The Black savior’s insistence thwarted the evil White conspiracy.  Without the Black Hero (Nonson Anozie) the prince would not have found his fairy tale wife Cinderella.

Cinderella is a nice, entertaining, beautiful movie. Not viciously racist like Django Unchained. Rather it is but one of the constant Hollywood PC social engineering barrage of virtuous, intelligent Blacks (and strong top gun fighting women).

In the Lazarus effect the computer hacker that defeats the surveillance system is … black. The typical computer nerd is Black … in Hollywood. In Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden Hollywood compulsively added  a non-existing Black hero to diversify the purely white seal team. 3 4 After Nasa, the navy, now the Navy Seals will have as their most important goal to provide diversity 9 10 11, not to defend the US, or to get a man person to the moon [7].

The PC (Politically correct) equality dogma states that all races and sexes genders are equal. Thus any disparity allegedly is due to discrimination, not to different talent, different mean or variance in iq.

These movies are meant to slowly, subtly brainwash people, over years, to believe that women are as strong or stronger than men, and Blacks are the more virtuous and intelligent than Whites.

Cinderella 2019

We foresee a Black Cinderella, repressed, enslaved by the white racist stepmother, who will then marry the prince against the father’s objection. Alternatively, a black prince marrying a blonde Cinderella, a typical PC Hollywood story line, like in Never Lose Focus.

2) Blacks commit no crimes

Together with the MSM press’s express policy of not reporting race of Black criminals, whitewashing ghastly crimes like the Knoxville Horror, ignoring black crime by Trayvon Martin, Rodney King, Michael Brown

3) The Great White defendant [link]

Whites attacking Blacks are so rare that the MSM and Sharpton race mongers resort to  trumping up clear self defense by Whites against Blacks:  Darren Wilson and white Hispanic George Zimmerman  against Blacks as heinous crimes. Rampant Black on Black crime is of no interest, Black on white crime is actively hidden and whitewashed.

Enjoy Disney’s “Cinderella” Movie

… but remain alert for the politically correct messages built into it, as into each and every Hollywood movie.