Does Charlie Kirk Have Some Mild Form of Down Syndrome?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2019

I saw this meme this morning:

It’s not a great meme. Not a good meme, even. But it struck me that it is commenting on a very deep issue that we need to consider: does Charlie Kirk have some form of Down syndrome?

I do not mean this in a joking way. I am literally thinking he is mildly retarded.

Let’s take a look at some mental retards.

Now, let’s compare those to Charlie Kirk.

Legitimately, it appears that Kirk is a half-retard. I’m not a genetic biologist, but I’ve got eyes.

Karen Gaffney is a retard who gives speeches about how it doesn’t matter that she has an extra chromosome, that she’s still a perfectly competent individual. And apparently she is more competent than other retards.

Charlie Kirk’s face is very similar to hers.

His public statements also make him appear to be retarded.

Look for instance at this speech he made to the Jews in Israel.

I personally believe that the evidence is in, and Charlie Kirk is hiding his extra chromosome.

Nothing he says makes sense, but he is trying to sell it to people. They accept it mainly because he is being presented to them as an acceptable person. If the people knew that he was mentally retarded, they would be much more critical of his speech.