DOJ Has Plan to Accelerate Deportation of Brown Invaders

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2017

Cages are always a good first step.

President Trump recently announced that he intended to eliminate the “diversity lottery” visa system, which should help reduce the number of useless and dangerous brown people coming in. But it’s not nearly enough.

What’s most pressing is getting rid of the people already here.

Luckily, it seems the Trump administration also has that covered.

Washington Post:

The Department of Justice said Friday it is aiming to slash the massive immigration court backlog in half by 2020 by adding judges, upgrading technology and refusing to tolerate repeated delays in deportation cases.

Officials, who briefed reporters on condition that they not be identified by name, said the effort is part of the Trump administration’s broad plan to more efficiently handle cases of undocumented immigrants, who number 11 million nationwide.

They’ve been telling us we have “11 million” illegals here for a decade now. It’s a bold-faced lie. The reality is probably closer to 30 million – and possibly as high as 50 million.

The administration has reversed Obama-era policies that allowed prosecutors to indefinitely postpone low-priority cases, which the Justice Department officials said allowed some immigrants to delay “inevitable” deportations. In other cases, they said, immigrants who deserved to win their cases were delayed for years because of the backlog.

The immigration court backlog has tripled since 2009, the year former president Obama took office, to more than 630,000 cases in October.

“That is what this administration is committed to, getting this done right, ensuring that we’re never in this place again,” a Justice Department official said. “Really and truly, when you look at the numbers . . . it reflects the fact that the last administration likely wasn’t as committed to ensuring that the system worked the way that Congress intended it to.

The agency, which oversees the administrative immigration courts, said it plans to hire new immigration judges, use technology such as videoconferencing, and increase judges’ productivity by setting case-completion guidelines, though officials would not give details.

We’re going to deport these people over Skype?

You’re out!

I like it.

But yeah, the Democrats obviously never intended for the system to work, because they reap immense benefit from there being as many immigrants, legal or not, in the country. Beaners disproportionately vote for Democrats, after all.

Also, they’re Jews and they hate White people.

If Hillary had won in 2016, you can be sure that the backlog of deportation cases would have grown by leaps and bounds, and none of these invasive parasites would be getting the boot.

We’re on the right timeline, gents.