Donald Trump, Close Friend of Vladimir Putin, Says He Will Just Ignore Neocon Regulations He Signed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2018

Thank God (Jesus Christ).

I was freaking out about this thing he signed.

Turns out it was just a prank, bro. And he’s just going to ignore the neocon Russophobe shit in it.

Defense News:

U.S. President Donald Trump said in a statement he reserves the right to ignore the defense authorization law’s ban on U.S. recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea, among 50 other provisions he says tread on his authority as president.

Trump issued a 15-page signing statement Monday to accompany the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act that voiced his constitutional concerns with an array of language

Trump objected to four of eight provisions focused on Russia. For example, the law would limit the use of federal funds to recognize Russian control over Crimea, but Trump asserted his authority as commander in chief, saying the law would unduly “dictate the position of the United States in external military and foreign affairs.”

Crimea was seized from Ukraine by Russia and annexed in March 2014.

Trump invoked executive privilege against a requirement he report to Congress on whether he has raised the topic of the New START Treaty with Moscow. (Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he told Trump that Russia is prepared to extend the treaty, which calls for deployable nuclear warheads and bombs to be capped at 1,550, beyond its 2021 expiration date.)

Trump voiced concerns Congress was handcuffing his military and diplomatic powers over a ban on military-to-military cooperation between the U.S. and Russia, limits on his implementation of the Open Skies Treaty — which allows reciprocal reconnaissance flights — and a mandate he report whether Russia is breaching the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

Oh, we’re going to be cooperating militarily alright.

We’re going to be cooperating real good. 

We already have a flag for our new Union – the Arctic Treaty Organization.

This is going to be reverse WWII – where Germany is the bad guy.

Merkel is literally the reverse Hitler, the opposite of him in every way, including sex. She hates Germany, has no humanity, has no art or music in her soul, has no desire to build or create anything of meaning and only takes pleasure in destruction.

Regardless of the fact that she is more of a symbol of Europe than it’s actual power center, whereas the real power is in a faceless bureaucracy (also the reverse of Hitler), we are literally dealing with an bizarro world vision come to life.

Russia and America are once against natural allies – but because they are aligned against this evil, not good.

So don’t even worry about it.

We are actors now in history, and it is unfolding, and nothing is happening that isn’t meant to happen.