Donald Trump Jr. Posts Mysterious Emails from Diabolical Jew

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 11, 2017

As we reported earlier today, Donald Trump, Jr. has become the focus of the NYT/WaPo/CNN kookspiracy agenda, due to a meeting he had with some Russian lawyer about Russian adoption.

Apparently, there were emails sent before the meeting by a British Jew tabloid journalist that were like “oh you’re gonna get the big one here, buddy.”

Trump Jr. has gone ahead and posted these emails on Twitter, for the sake of transparency.

But rather than being like “oh okay then that settles it I guess,” the Jew media is claiming this just raises more issues.


Donald Trump Jr.’s release of an email chain setting up his meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer has created a fresh set of discrepancies about the June 2016 sit-down at Trump Tower.


President Donald Trump’s oldest son has acknowledged that he went to the meeting under the impression that it would yield information “helpful” to his father’s presidential campaign, but he has defended it as seeking standard opposition research.

On Tuesday, ahead of a New York Times report that he had been informed of a Russian government effort to support his father’s campaign in an email setting up the meeting, Trump Jr. posted what he said was the full exchange on Twitter “in order to be totally transparent.”

Those emails raise new questions about some of Trump Jr.’s previous statements on the controversy.


A spokesman for Paul Manafort, who was then the campaign chairman and attended the meeting, declined to comment on Tuesday. Representatives for Jared Kushner, the third campaign adviser in the meeting, and Trump Jr. did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Trump Jr. said he kept Kushner and Manafort in the dark about the subject of the meeting, but he appeared to forward them emails about it beforehand.

As the controversy surrounding the June 2016 meeting has played out, Trump Jr. has sought to minimize the role two other top Trump campaign advisers, Kushner and Manafort, played in arranging it.


On Saturday, Trump Jr. said simply that he “asked Jared and Paul to stop by.” On Sunday, in response to reporting that he had gone to the meeting seeking dirt on Clinton, Trump Jr. further downplayed Kushner and Manafort’s involvement. “I asked Jared and Paul to attend, but told them nothing of the substance,” he said.

But the emails Trump Jr. posted to Twitter on Tuesday seem to contradict that statement. They show Trump Jr. emailing Kushner and Manafort about the meeting under the subject line “FW: Russia – Clinton – private and confidential,” meaning he informed them of at least the general topic beforehand.



It also appeared Trump Jr. may have forwarded the entire email chain, where there were details: The messages explicitly reference “Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

It’s not clear from the documents whether either Kushner or Manafort read the email chain. A source close to Manafort said he did not read to the bottom of the email and didn’t know who specifically he would be meeting.

Trump Jr. says lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya has no government ties, but one email refers to a ‘Russian government attorney’ coming to meet him

In a statement alongside the email chain he posted to Twitter on Tuesday, Trump Jr. defended his decision to take the June 2016 meeting by noting that “the woman, as she has said publicly, was not a government official.

Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Kremlin-linked lawyer who met with Trump Jr. last year, denied to NBC News this week that she is tied to Russia’s government, which has also denied knowing her.



But the email exchange published Tuesday suggests that Trump Jr. had reason to think he was meeting with someone working on behalf of the Russian government.

Rob Goldstone, the music industry publicist who reached out to Trump Jr. about setting up the meeting, started their conversation by saying that a Russian official wanted to provide the Trump campaign with incriminating material about Clinton and referenced “Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

And when moving to schedule a time to meet, Goldstone said it would be with a “Russian government attorney.”


Trump Jr. said he did not know Veselnitskaya’s name before the meeting, but Goldstone indicated that he would tell him in advance

Trump Jr. has said he did not know Veselnitskaya’s name until he sat down with her.

“I was asked to have a meeting by an acquaintance I knew from the 2013 Miss Universe pageant with an individual who I was told might have information helpful to the campaign,” he said in a statement on Sunday. “I was not told her name prior to the meeting.”

The trouble here is that even if Trump Jr. did meet with a Russian government official to get opposition research on Hillary Clinton, there would not be anything illegal about that.

You could maybe be like “oh well that maybe isn’t really very appropriate.” But that would be the total extent of it.

And there is no evidence that she was a Russian government official. In fact, there is evidence that she was not. Instead we get “Kremlin-linked,” which is a meaningless buzzword.

But the main point here is that there isn’t even any suggestion that there is anything illegal here.

Not even the NYT is suggesting that.

Meaning this is just gossip.


Hillary’s campaign did meet with Ukrainian government officials with the stated goal of acquiring anti-Trump opposition research.

Daily Caller:

Many journalists reacted breathlessly to a New York Times report on Sunday revealing that President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., met with a Russian lawyer who indicated she had damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

Donald Jr. admitted to the June 2016 meeting — to which he brought campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Trump adviser Jared Kushner — but downplayed its significance. “Obviously I’m the first person on a campaign to ever take a meeting to hear info about an opponent,” he wrote on Twitter Monday morning, adding that the meeting “went nowhere” but that he “had to listen.”

No one, including the NYT, is claiming that the meeting went anywhere – that is, no useful information was gathered from the meeting.

And if it had been – once again – it wouldn’t have been illegal or even out of the ordinary, even if the Russian lawyer had been directly employed by Putin himself.

Many Trump critics claimed that the NYT report supported the theory that members of the Trump campaign were somehow involved in the Russian government’s hacking of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee.

It has already been established that this is a nothing burger.

But what about Clinton?

But Trump Jr., Kushner and Manafort’s lone meeting with the Russian lawyer pales when compared to the coordination between Clinton allies and Ukrainian government officials who hoped to see Clinton win the 2016 election.

Politico revealed in January some of the Ukrainian government’s anti-Trump activities during the election.

A veteran DNC operative who previously worked in the Clinton White House, Alexandra Chalupa, worked with Ukrainian government officials and journalists from both Ukraine and America to dig up Russia-related opposition research on Trump and Manafort. She also shared her anti-Trump research with both the DNC and the Clinton campaign, according to the Politico report.

Alexandra Chalupa: She is a fat slob.

Chalupa met with Ukrainian ambassador Valeriy Chaly and one of his aides, Oksara Shulyar, at the Ukrainian Embassy in March 2016 to talk about unearthing Paul Manafort’s Russian connections, Chalupa admitted to Politico. Four days later, Trump officially hired Manafort.

“The day after Manafort’s hiring was revealed, she briefed the DNC’s communications staff on Manafort, Trump and their ties to Russia, according to an operative familiar with the situation,” Politico reported.

This is also not illegal at all.

It is, however, much more extreme than what Donald Trump Jr. is being accused of.

The Politico report also notes that the DNC encouraged Chalupa to try to arrange an interview with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to talk about Manafort’s ties to the former pro-Russia president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, whom Manafort previously advised.

The embassy declined to arrange the meeting but was nevertheless “helpful,” Chalupa told Politico. “If I asked a question, they would provide guidance, or if there was someone I needed to follow up with,” she said, but added that “There were no documents given, nothing like that.”

But even if there were documents given… that would not be illegal, or even abnormal.

Chalupa also told Politico that the Ukrainian embassy worked directly with reporters in uncovering dirt on Manafort and Trump.

The Open World Leadership Center, which funded Chalupa’s briefing of journalists about Manafort, is a taxpayer-funded congressional agency. A spokeswoman for the center, Maura Shelden, emphasized to Politico that the center is non-partisan and that “our delegations hear from both sides of the aisle, receiving bipartisan information.”

After Trump’s shocking electoral victory, the Ukrainian government told Politico, “We have never worked to research and disseminate damaging information about Donald Trump and Paul Manafort.” But Andrii Telizhenko, a former Ukrainian embassy officer, told Politico that he was assigned to work with Chalupa.

“Oksana said that if I had any information, or knew other people who did, then I should contact Chalupa,” said Telizhenko “They were coordinating an investigation with the Hillary team on Paul Manafort with Alexandra Chalupa.”

“Oksana was keeping it all quiet,” Telizhenko said, but added that “the embassy worked very closely with” Chalupa, the DNC operative.

Like the Ukrainian embassy, the DNC distanced itself from Chalupa’s actions when asked by Politico, insisting that she was acting on her own.


None of that is illegal.

Even in the worst possible situation – and it appears that the worst possible situation is in fact what happened – the DNC hiring reporters to work with the Ukrainian government to dig up dirt on Paul Manafort IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW.


None of this, in any way, relates to any kind of secret Russian hacking conspiracy.

The only reason to even bring up the Clinton connection to the Ukrainians is to show that Clinton did the exact same thing, only to a much more extreme extent.

Basically, what appears to be happening here, is that the fake news media is refusing to let the Russian kookspiracy die because they have nothing else to talk about. So they are just making a huge spectacle out of something completely irrelevant.

I personally blame this Jew Rob Goldstone, who appears to be the one feeding this to the media like it is some kind of killer lead.

Rob Goldstone: Please, Team Trump, stop trusting people like this.

The fact of the matter is, after Trump asked for the DNC server – and then the Project Veritas tapes were released – the Russian theory is dead in the water.

But what else can the media even talk about?

After all, they’ve got to talk about something.

Maybe they should look up some connection between Trump and UFOs or Bigfoot.

Or you could do more about how hunting is evil.