Donald Trump to Steal Food Stamps from Innocent Black Freeloaders

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2019

Is it racist to be against food stamps?

Or just mean?

NBC News:

Three proposed rule changes by the Trump administration could cause millions of poor people to lose access to food stamps and decrease the size of the benefit for millions more.

Over the past year, the Department of Agriculture proposed three changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP or food stamps. The new rules create stricter work requirements for program eligibility, cap deductions for utility allowances and “reform” the way 40 states automatically enroll families into SNAP when they receive other forms of federal aid.

A study by the Urban Institute released this week examined the three rules in combination for the first time and found that 3.7 million fewer people would receive SNAP in an average month, 2.2 million households would see their average monthly benefits drop by $127, more than 3 million others would see an average drop of $37 per month, and 982,000 students would lose access to free or reduced lunches.

“What we found is that overall the three proposed changes would reduce the number of households participating in SNAP by about 11 percent if this was implemented in 2018,” said Laura Wheaton, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute who conducted the study. “It’s about a 9.4 percent reduction in the number of people participating and about an 8 percent reduction in overall benefits.”

Most black people live off of the state, as parasites.

Obviously, you couldn’t just completely cut them off. They would riot and burn this bitch down.

What you could do, however, is set up government offices to give them old cans of beans instead of giving them food stamps and let them do their own shopping.

If they’re really starving, okay. Then give them cans of beans at a government-run foodbank. There’s no reason that starving beggars should get to go to the store and pick their own food.

And it isn’t even about the money.

You can’t really expect black people to ever act normal while they’re getting all this great stuff for free at the expense of whites. That’s a very basic normie Republican talking point from a few years ago that is obviously true and never should have gone out of circulation.

Jesse Lee Peterson is right when he says that black people should be doing these jobs that corporations are bringing in Mexicans to do. This is so obvious. I have no doubt that first generation Mexicans are better workers than blacks, which is part of the drive to just pay blacks to not work. But the children of Mexicans end up acting like blacks, living on welfare and committing crimes.

So ultimately, all this immigration + welfare does is expand this permanent dependent underclass.

What we need is a team of experts to figure out how to get black people off of welfare and into the workplace, which will reduce their crime rates by 90-something percent, remove the supposed need for immigrants and remove the burden of welfare.

It would probably even reduce the out-of-wedlock black birthrate. It would pretty much have to, what with that number currently headed towards 100%.

Trump talking about “black unemployment” has become a meme, and something that no one cares about. But if it wasn’t for all of these other problems, then his agenda against that issue would matter a lot more. Fixing black unemployment is objectively good for society.