Donbass Calls Up The Reserves, Prepares For Attack From Kiev

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2018

Russian state news is reporting that Donetsk is getting ready to repel an expected assault from Kiev.

Over the last couple of months of “ceasefire,” Kiev has been doing something called “leap-frogging” – which is basically shelling commie blocks and quickly advancing under cover of the artillery to seize one or two buildings along the border.

The Donetsk militia seems to have strict orders not to take the bait and go full ham.

Idk what Putin’s gameplan is here. Seems like he was caught with his pants down in Ukraine tbh. Some people say that he betrayed the rebellion.

And the Ukrainian army is in a lot better shape since the start of the whole fiasco. They’ve gotten training, equipment and new weapons from Canada and the US.

Meanwhile, the various ultra-right wing groups seem no closer to launching their much talked about coup in Kiev, despite the deep unpopularity of the current revolutionary government.

Instead, they remain in the East, killing “moskvals.”

Personally, I am of the opinion that there are two types of “Nazis”. There are those that I guess we can call White Nationalists, that believe everything that their grandparents and love their race. And then there are actual Nazis who want to recreate the Eastern Front of WWII.

You have a lot of these types in Galicia, Latvia, and Estonia. 

Nevermind that most of the volunteers have gone home and it’s basically a Donbass militia that they’re facing off at this point.

Unless of course, they mean that everyone in Eastern Ukraine who moved there during Imperial and Soviet times is a “moskval” and needs to be exterminated. In which case, logically speaking, it makes sense that they would continue the attack.

Also, in the context of an encircled Russia, the Ukrainian front is a perfect pressure point to use against the Kremlin.