Double Police-Stabbing in Brussels! Mental Health Suspected!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2016


The Islamic mental health crisis continues. It has nothing to do with Islam. All religions have mentally ill people who stab cops randomly because of their religion.

If we blame all Moslems, the mentally ill win.

The mentally ill want to draw a line between the mentally sound and mentally deranged for their sick global mental illness agenda.

Fox News:

Two police officers were stabbed Wednesday by a knife-wielding man in Brussels in an incident classified as a “potential terrorist attack,” prosecutors said.

The man allegedly stabbed one officer in the neck and the other in the abdomen in the city’s heavily-Muslim Schaerbeek neighborhood on Wednesday and then fled the scene. Both officers are expected to survive, a statement from prosecutors said.

The assailant was stopped by a second group of police. He’s accused of breaking the nose of one officer, whothen shot the man in the leg.

“The provisional results of the investigation indicate that it would be a potential terrorist attack,” the statement said.

The alleged attacker was identified only as 43-year-old Hicham D., of Belgian nationality.

Federal prosecutor’s spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt declined to provide details or explain why prosecutors think the attack was linked to terrorism.

The only way to stop Islamic mental illness is to ally with Moslems who are not mentally ill. When we are mean to mentally sound Moslems, they are driven toward mental illness.

Judging all Moslems based on a mentally ill minority will turn this:


Into this:


It’s time to wise-up and embrace mentally-sound Islam as the one true faith if we don’t want mentally ill Moslems to exterminate us all.