Drugs Addicts, Prostitutes, Playgrounds and City Property in Mitch Landrieu’s New Orleans

Hunter Wallace
Occidental Dissent
May 22, 2017

Robert E. Lee was so angry with Mitch Landrieu that he forgot to wear his politically correct filter and let slip a few truths that started “a conversation about race” in New Orleans:

Behold, the 21st century New Orleans that will be defined by a “better future”:

“NEW ORLEANS — Hidden among the brightly colored slides and basketball court at Hunter’s Field you’ll find open drains, used needles and even used condoms.

One of the park’s neighbors, Rudolph Dupart, says the playground has become a hangout for drug addicts and prostitutes.

“You’ve got people in City Hall who don’t give a damn,” Dupart said. “I’ve got a grandson. I’m not going to let him come over here!”

That’s not because of the condition of the playground equipment, it’s because he says goes on in the park.

“You’ve got drug use, you’ve got prostitution, you’ve got a little bit of everything,” Dupart said.

Hunters field is a city owned property that was refurbished and had a playground added for the children of the 7th Ward. Now, with rampant drugs, prostitution, and dangerous open drains Dupart encourages people to keep their kids away…”

Look at all this progress!

This sounds like the kind of place where anyone would like to live. Also in the 7th Ward in New Orleans, a grocery store burned down last night and the black residents climbed over the danger tape to help themselves to the liquor and cigarettes left behind in the charred ruins!