Drunk Steve is Considering Buying Newsweek!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2018

Steve bro, it’s 8AM, slow down buddy. 

Lauren Southern is in Europe trying to GTKRWN her way to redemption, and I guess Steve Bannon is looking to do the same.

After having brought a filthy bulbous kike into the White House and telling him that the Russia conspiracy is real, drunk Steve was fired from Breitbart. This happened shortly after he had screwed the pooch on Roy Moore, giving him shit advice that led to an unbelievable failure.

He has been wandering Europe and meeting with right-wing extremist groups, possibly planning some kind of race war.

He has now said he’s thinking about buying Newsweek.

No shit.

The Hill:

Former Breitbart executive and White House strategist Stephen Bannon is reportedly considering purchasing an outlet like Newsweek or starting a new media brand with a focus on global news and populist issues.

Bannon, who has spent several weeks making connections with various political leaders and right-wing political parties across Europe, says within the continent’s populist movements there is a high demand for a site with such content, according to The New York Times.

“They see what Breitbart did and they want it in their own language,” he said. “That’s the key. Right now my sites are in English, they want one in their own language.” He referred to the move as “phase two.”

Bannon, who was forced out from his top post at the far-right site Breitbart in January, said he is considering buying an established news outlet like Newsweek, which has been roiled by layoffs, or start a new one that looks “like Axios,” a startup known for its pithy reporting. He also left open the possibility of connecting entrepreneurs with capital or investing himself.

I have no idea if “BUY NEWSWEEK” is a serious thing or just a meme. It seems kinda like a meme. But it would be really funny.

The thing is, I’m not even sure you can buy Newsweek, due to all of their legal problems.

But someone bought Gawker. And it sure would be funny. And most likely, it would work a better than trying to start something new.

We’ll see. Steve has a long way to go after his string of screw-ups.