Dual-Wielding Priests in Phillipines are Stamping Out Heresy with Hot Lead

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2018

This is what priests are supposed to be. They’re supposed to be badass warriors of God.

Instead, most of them nowadays are complete and utter irredeemable faggots.


More than 250 religious leaders in the Philippines want permits to carry guns amid a surge in the killings of priests. Top Catholic officials, however, urge the clergy to be ready to “face death and danger” without packing heat.

“We have received 246 requests for Permits to Carry Firearms Outside of Residence from 188 priests and 58 ministers, preachers and pastors,” Philippines National Police

The official said he supported the idea of arming the religious as long as they were qualified to hold a gun license. Albayalde said the police were ready to provide necessary training to the priests, seeking to improve their “marksmanship” skills.

Not all the applications have been assessed yet, the police chief said, and it remains unclear whether all of those who applied for licenses received death threats.

The Philippines has seen a surge in violence against religious figures recently, with three Catholic priests slain over the past six months. The latest victim, Fr Richmond Nilo, was gunned down on June 10 inside a chapel in the town of Zaragoza while preparing to say Mass. At least six persons are suspected of his murder, one of them has been arrested.

It remains unclear whether the applications for gun-carrying licenses surged in the wake of the recent killings, the PNP chief said, adding that this apparently obvious correlation had to be checked “further.”

Duterte is going to deliver…just watch.

I think that there should be a law forcing priests to have guns. It makes no sense that priests should be unarmed. They are supposed to be warriors for Christ.

While the low-tier religious leaders seem to be eager to protect themselves, the country’s Catholic hierarchy is skeptical about arming the priests, insisting that they are supposed to be men of peace and should “face death” bare-handed.

“I would strongly oppose arming the priest. We are men of God, men of the church and it is part of our ministry to face danger, to face death,” Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles said, as quoted by the Manila Standard.


Back in the good ol’ glorious days, they used to stamp out heresy, because they understood that chaos and heresy threatened European civilization.

Why are we reduced to fighting a guerrilla online war against a satanic freak mafia hell-bent on the destruction of everything beautiful in this world in 2018 AB (After ‘Bama)?

Well, it’s because the priests decided to fucking take a sick day off for the last twenty years.

How do you let a man that looks like this become a priest? How? Just HOW?

They gave up the line and now all this satanic shit is spreading so fast that kids are lopping their dicks off and you legit can’t go a day in a Western city without seeing a cross-dressing tranny out in broad daylight.

Shit has gotten grimdark biblical and yet the priests are nowhere to be seen.

I used to be a bit laissez-faire when it came to religion and morality back in the day.

But, man oh man, with the shit that’s going on now in society and the shit that we know is going to start going down in the very near future…at this point, I wouldn’t get mad if a modern-day Inquisition started getting all up in my business Jehovah Witness style if it meant this satanic shit would stop. 

Arming priests is a good first step.

If the Philippines starts a trend of armed priests roaming the country, putting down degenerates, Jews and Moslems, I might just want to become a priest too.

Hell, I’ll lead and organize the official Stormer Inquisition Task Force.

The requirements for joining would be simple. You would have to be a Christian, but not actually a try-hard about it. If you try to explain transubstantiation to anyone else in the task force unprompted, you will be shot on the spot. Actually having read the bible will be held against you.

Oh yea and the ability to dual-wield: absolutely crucial.