Dubai: Emirates Plane Crashes on Runway – Terrorism or Monkey Incompetence?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2016



An Emirates Airline flight from India caught fire after making an emergency landing at Dubai International Airport on Wednesday, but all 300 passengers and crew escaped from the burning fuselage, authorities said.

Video purportedly showed a tower of flame bursting from the front of the aircraft, and then a thick black plume of smoke rising into the sky. Reuters was unable to verify the footage independently.

Photographs posted on social media showed a plane lying crumpled on its belly on the tarmac with black smoke pouring from its upper section.

A spokesperson for operator Dubai Airports said all passengers and crew aboard flight EK521 coming from Thiruvananthapuram had been evacuated and emergency services were managing the situation.

A man waiting for relatives who were on the flight said he had spoken to them by phone. “They said they’re safe and alright, but that they felt a great panic as the plane was on fire. I’ll be comfortable when I see they are safe.”

Another man said his family had also told him they were OK and there had been a problem with the landing gear.

Looks like monkey incompetence.

Bad for haji business though, which is good for Whites.

Although tbh fam, I’d personally rather fly on a Moslem airline as they are less likely to blow you us. Or so I would have thought. But at this point, it seems like Moslems are just all about killing anyone, whether it be their own people or infidels. I mean, ISIS is bombing Saudi Arabia and Turkey, so…

Man speaking of Dubai. Do you guys know people go on vacation there?

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Return of Kings had a detailed article about it a couple months ago. But it’s a totally known thing, most men are just uncomfortable talking about it because they are faggot pussies who prefer to think of women as though they are Disney Princesses rather than a serious liability which needs to be controlled and dictated to with MAXIMUM FORCE.

Instead of kidnapping our women like they used to, now they use money that the Jews gave them for petroleum they just happen to live on top of to buy them.

The entire population of the Middle East deserves to be exterminated, straight up. We can send in robots or a race-specific virus and wipe them out in their entirety. There is no excuse for doing anything less than that.