Dumb “Social Media Influencer” Whores Pay $600 for $20 Shoes

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2018

People take part in this Jew-induced consumerism culture hoping it could patch the holes their meaning-deprived existence created in their souls.

CTV News:

Masquerading under the bogus label “Palessi,” the budget shoe company Payless tricked social media influencers in Los Angeles into paying as much as US$640 for their footwear in an elaborate publicity stunt.

Payless ShoeSource recently set up a fake luxury pop-up shop in a former Armani store along the upscale Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Calif. The affordable shoe company then invited social media influencers to a ritzy two-day “grand opening” for Palessi.

With the cameras rolling, the “fashionistas” were asked about their first impressions of Palessi’s shoes.

“They’re elegant, sophisticated,” one woman gushed in a video posted by the company on Facebook.

“I could tell it was made from high-quality material,” another man said of the sneakers he was holding.

The social media influencers shelled out $200, $400, and even as much as $645 for shoes that are typically priced between $19.99 and $39.99 at Payless. The fake store raked in a whopping $3,000 before the shoppers were told the truth.

We concluded that brand name is a pretty strong force that’s able to get people to pay 18 times the price they’d normally pay,” he explained.

It’s not about things people need. It’s not about people choosing quality. It’s about Homo Economicus doing Homo Economicus stuff. That is, working in the Jew Machinery to get money to spend in the Jew Machinery to keep the Jew Machinery functioning so they can continue to work in the Jew Machinery to get more money and buy more ephemeral things until they drop dead.

Despite Jewish conditioning portraying brown creatures as highly spiritual and harmonic beings in touch with nature, the reality is that the addiction to the material is one of the defining characteristics of the nigger and the brown hordes.

Which means it is a primitive and negative trait, a sign of an underdeveloped spirit or a lack thereof.

Some material stuff is needed and nice to have. But how much of what is consumed is needed?

How much is even useful?

How much of that “wealth” you’re accumulating are you actually going to use to annihilate your enemies and build your empire?

Don’t be your tool’s tool.