Dumpster Defender Duo Set Internet on Fire!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2018

There are too many funny memes about this incident.

Too many to count.

Basically, there was a trash dispute. Some meth-head junkie got into a fight with an older man who wanted him to take his oversized mattress to the dump, instead of dumping it in the alley near his house.

They were going back and forth about the mattress for days, apparently, and then, well, things escalated.

That’s basically the whole story.

It has a very Wild West theme to it. You know, where men get into disputes over the smallest thing to prove how tough they are and it ends up in a shootout. The fact that it happened in Texas helps a lot with the aesthetic.

In my mind, the two men did nothing wrong. They wanted to take the trash out and ended up making society cleaner as well.

It also got me listening to this jam.

It is probably the most moving American story of the last year.

Which is saying a lot, because we also had Sky King and Nasim, two great contenders.

Both made us feel different things.

The Sky King made us sympathize with the plight of the average alienated White guy. His simple yearning to be free and to fulfill his dreams of doing a barrel roll resonated with other young White men struggling to self-realize and achieve their goals. His suicide was felt as being pure and cathartic. We all know that feel when we don’t want to go on anymore and we just wish we could leave it all behind and fly into the sunset.

Nasim, however, was a mixed bag. Undoubtedly a strange duck, she still earned grudging admiration for her maverick personality and her willingness to act boldly against the evil, soulless golem that is YouTube. She proved that great things come from the most unlikely people imaginable.

And now there are the Dumpster Defenders. Right after a woman told them that they weren’t going to shoot her boyfriend, they just up and did it anyway. “How can two men still be so based in the current year?”-  the internet asked with baffled admiration. Their stalwart dedication to principles and guns resonated with us all. As was their decision to blast a loud-mouth drug-addicted out-of-control Texas bully full of lead.

They tried to be reasonable. To present facts and evidence. But he kept on foamin’ at his mouth and chompin’ at the bit, just spoiling for a fight, lulled into complacency from years of bullying and never being called out on it.

MMMMMMM!!! Boy, it felt good to see him go down!

I think that this year still has some surprises in store for us, but it is going to be hard to top these two heroes!