East Euro Welfare Mamas Outraged GL Would Make Them Pay for Their Own Defense

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2016

1957 Summit (2)

It isn’t the 1950s anymore. So ostensibly, the entire purpose of NATO is welfare for Eastern Europe, which may or may not lead to WWIII. 

The dirty Jews and their zombie-retard hordes of evangelicucks forced Trump to walk back his initially-stated anti-Israel positions. It was the saddest part of this campaign by far, but we know his true views on the Jews – the ones he first stated.

With his pro-Russia, anti-NATO positions though, there is no one to make him walk them back, despite the fact that they are more scary to the Jews than Trump’s Israel comments. Because there is no group of brainwashed American goyim that has a cult doctrine to literally worship NATO as divined by God Himself.

The only people who worship NATO as divined by God are a bunch of cucked-out pansy race-traitors in Eastern Europe trying to start a brothers war against Russia.

And nobody cares what these faggots think.

USA Today:

The president of Estonia quickly assured the world his nation, a 12-year member of NATO, is spending its fair share on defense. The Czech prime minister expressed hope the United State would not abandon his people in a crisis. A Latvian member of parliament worried about NATO disunity and broken promises.



They quickly reacted Thursday to Donald Trump’s art-of-the-deal tough talk in an interview with The New York Times that NATO partners should pay their fair share of defense spending or risk abandonment by Washington if threatened with an attack.

All but five of NATO’s 28 member-states meet their commitment of paying at least 2% of their economic output on defense, according to the alliance.

What is 2% of the GDP of Estonia? Like $1200?

They’re not contributing that, but even if they were – who cares?

This is about not starting a war with Russia for the benefit of the Jews and some whiny East Euro losers.

“We’re talking about countries that are doing very well,” the Republican presidential nominee told the Times. “Yes, I would be absolutely prepared to tell those countries, ‘Congratulations, you will be defending yourself.‘”


He said this would be his way of negotiating a financial commitment from allies in NATO and around the world.

“In a deal, you always have to be prepared to walk,” Trump said in the interview. “Hillary Clinton has said, ‘We will never, ever walk.’ That’s a wonderful phrase. But unfortunately, if I were on Saudi Arabia’s side, Germany, Japan, South Korea and others, I would say, ‘Oh, they’re never leaving, so what do we have to pay them for?’ Does that make sense?”

Article 5 of NATO’s treaty says any attack on one member is an attack on all of them. The section has been invoked only once in the alliance’s 66-year history and that was in response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States.

The whole context of that is the cold war.

Which is over.

This new one we have now is gay, and fomented by the Jews and a bunch of NATO whackjobs who are butthurt they never got their WWIII.

Estonia’s President Toomas Hendrik Ilves tweeted Thursday that his nation had fought terrorism under Article 5 “with no caveats.” He said, “We are equally committed to all our NATO allies, regardless of who they may be. That’s what makes them allies.”

The five NATO members who spend at least 2% of their economic output on defense are the United States, Greece, United Kingdom, Estonia and Poland.

Latvian lawmaker Ojars Kalnins, who chairs parliament’s foreign affairs committee, told Latvian radio that Trump’s remarks were “both dangerous and irresponsible.”

“This won’t be good for NATO unity or the security situation. In principle, he is saying the U.S. will not fulfill its promises or obligations.” Kalnins said.

We’re altering the deal, Ojars.

Think it through.

Do you really want to press this issue further?

Because there’s this story about a boy who yelled about a wolf you might want to consider…


“If Trump doubts NATO solidarity in the case of Article 5, then his election is dangerous for Baltic security,” said Artis Pabriks, a former Latvian foreign and defense minister who is now a member of the European Parliament, on twitter.

Yeah, maybe Hillary can put that in an ad: “Trump is dangerous to Baltic security.”

Because I guarantee you, Baltic security is absolutely one of the top five issues on the minds of Americans.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite expressed confidence that the United States would always stand by its allies. “We trust America,” he said, Bloomberg reported.

“Whoever wins the presidential election, I hope the United States will remain a solid NATO partner,” Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka told reporters Thursday, according to Reuters.

American security analysts on both sides of the political spectrum roundly criticized Trump’s remarks.

“I think the most charitable interpretation is he already sees himself engaged in negotiation with these (NATO allies) — that there hasn’t been a fair burden-sharing,” said John Hannah, a former adviser in George W. Bush White House and currently with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

“The only problem is that there are other audiences watching this as well,” Hannah said. “To do that at a time of very high tension is overall a bad tactic. I don’t think destroying NATO, whether it’s because the allies are paying 2% or 1.5% is worth it.”

Philip Gordon, a former Obama administration adviser now with the Council on Foreign Relations, suggested Trump’s approach to NATO “seems to be to run it like a protection racket where if they don’t pay up we’re going to leave them to vulnerable attack.”

“I think it crosses a new line,” Gordon said. “You’re telling the potential adversary, in this case Russia, that even a treaty obligation is something that our allies can’t count on.”

The money is mostly irrelevant. I would agree with that.

The issue is that an agreement that if Turkey or Estonia provokes a war with Russia, we have to invade Russia, is totally and completely insane.


There is absolutely no benefit to America in the NATO project. We have our own military to defend our own countries. We can defend the allies we choose to defend. And I don’t care and America doesn’t care about these whiny East Bloc countries who are openly calling for a war with Russia.

The drama intrigue between former Soviet states and mean old Papa Russia are none of our business.