Easter Message from the Leader of the Golden Dawn

XA Ameriki
April 21, 2014


Greek ladies and gentlemen, comrades, the politically persecuted in Korydallos prison together with members of the nationalist Movement, we the People’s Association Golden Dawn, wish you a Happy Easter Resurrection and a Happy Easter Resurrection TO OUR FATHERLAND!

This light is not the same for all the suffering Greeks, it is not the same for myself and my family and for many fellow prisoners and their families. Unprecedented methods by state and para-state mechanisms, are motivated since last September trying to disarm and silence the voice of the resistance, the voice of the Greek Nationalists.

It is unprecedented that the head of a parliamentary political party, supported by and that is supporting, hundreds of thousands of Greek citizens, is unjustly and illegally in prison. Phenomenal lies, dozens of officers and members of parliament in prison with ridiculous charges, with legal ploys invented in the morbid brains our political opponents. The “reason” for the persecution was given immediately after the murder of Fyssas. A deplorable incident from the very beginning! A bad action of a supposed “fan” or supporter of the movement is illegally being used for persecution of an entire political party.

This idea, is from the modern oppressors of our people, politicians trying in tandem with the dirty interwoven media, perjurers and foreign power centers. Whatever they do in the end the truth will shine! – The TRUTH will win! Greeks awaken from the shock of the memorandum, the Greeks resist!

Even the systems OWN polls say one in four Greeks (ie 25%) strongly believe that we are victims of political persecution and conspiracy. Whatever miserable and unscrupulous actions our political opponents take will lead to disappointment compared with their expectations.

They can not shake our faith. We are Greeks and we will die Greeks. Accordingly, in the Easter of 2014, Greek ladies and gentlemen, enter the battle with us. Enter the battle with the GOLDEN DAWN FOR A FREE GREAT GREECE IN A FREE EUROPE OF THE NATIONS!