EAT THE MAGGOT: Greta Thunberg’s “Climate Diet” is Making It Big in the Scientific Community

Daily Stormer
October 29, 2019

By Yahweh, you goyim will eat the maggot.

If you don’t eat the maggot, Queen Greta will get you banned from the internet. Probably shut down your bank account as well. You’ll be fired from your job, for sure.

Basically, you will just starve.

Daily Mail:

Scientists have unveiled the perfect diet for climate-conscious consumers.

Sustainability expert Dr Michalis Hadjikakou’s ‘climate diet’ is aimed at reducing greenhouse gases.

Dr Hadjikakou, a researcher at Deakin University in Melbourne, suggested protein sources such as quinoa and chia be consumed instead of a hearty steak or lamb.

The menu includes mealworms, grasshoppers, kangaroo meat and quinoa, and excludes Australian favourites such as sausages.

Experts have also warned against vegetarian favourite halloumi.

Conscious consumers who opt for halloumi at brunch over bacon might want to reconsider, as scientists have claimed the dairy industry is making a big impact on emissions too.

Scientists who wrote the study, Country-specific dietary shifts to mitigate climate and water crises, also recommended buying local produce and avoiding imported fruit and vegetables.

The study also noted edible weeds as a cheap and healthy alternative.



The maggots of the plant world.

So of course, the goyim will also be eating those.