Ebola: Aid Worker Says Blacks Refuse Treatment and Think Government and Whites are Behind the Deaths

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2019

Are blacks always dirty or do they just look dirty?

Ebola-Chan always brings me joy.

Daily Star:

Ebola is sweeping through central Africa with the current outbreak becoming the second worst in history.

Experts even believe it could equal or surpass the worst on record, where 11,323 people died from December 2013 to January 2016.

WHO has called for the world’s superpowers to do more to help combat the disease, with 1,743 people killed.

But an aid worker on the frontline told Daily Star Online more needs to be done to fight the disease at a local level in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Olivia Ajira Kwinja, World Vision’s Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs Manager in DRC, said they are unable to gain access to communities infected with the disease because they won’t let them in.

She told us: “From my point of view there is much work to be done at a community level.

“We are doing everything we can stop the Ebola disease but we still fear there will be more cases.

There are rumours at a community level and people need to be taught Ebola is a disease and it is real.”

Ebola is very real, but she’s not a disease.

Ebola-Chan, protector of white kids.

She’s a patron saint of white people fighting to secure a future for white children that doesn’t involve any blacks.

If they want to educate blacks, they should get their facts straight.

Olivia added around a third of communities in Beni, a city in north-eastern DRC, believe the disease is a conspiracy.

She also said: “There are rumours at a community level and people need to be taught Ebola is a disease and it is real.

“We are working to prevent the spread of Ebola but we are not working in all the areas.

There are so many rumours at the community level that Ebola has been fabricated.”

Some people think that she’s all talk and no action, constantly teasing and never delivering.

That’s not true. She does her part.

Blaming her would be like blaming a cute girl you like after she undressed and started begging you to JUST TAKE HER for the people cockblocking you and keeping her away from you.

Girls can’t do everything, you know?

Thinking about Ebola-Chan and thanking her for her work is of great help to her. It keeps her going. It helps her help you.

But if only we could fuel this paranoia of blacks…

If only there were African forums on the internet…

If only we could suggest that veterinarians are actually trying to kill them and the way Ebola entered Africa was through all the “aid” and free stuff that the West sends there…

If only we could get them to associate the aid of the West with Death…

If only…