Ebola-Chan Visits Sweden, Officially Starting Her 2019 World Tour

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2019

Ebola-Chan, Destroyer of Degeneracy and Cleanser of Worlds, has set her sights on Cuckland Sweden for reasons that are obvious to the not-brainwashed observer.

The likely response to our girl’s incursion will be a mass clitoris-rubbing “meditation” session by the Council of Menstrual Wisdom that’s in charge of the patch of land that was once a country. The purpose of that would be tuning the group’s hive mind into the battle frequency.

After the clit-bonding, and with renewed euphoria, Sweden’s front-hole leaders will — without a doubt — come up with a solution that will definitely not involve spreading their legs or undressing themselves.

With such a wise leadership, nothing can go wrong.

…or at least that’s what clitorises think.

Ebola-Chan has now made evident that depraved women, a demography that currently encompasses every woman older than six months in Sweden, are also to be cleansed alongside niggers.

The Independent:

A man suspected of suffering from the deadly Ebola virus is being treated in isolation in a Swedish hospital.

The patient is in Uppsala University hospital, in the city north of Stockholm, after vomiting blood, and had reportedly returned from a three week trip to Burundi in East Africa.

In a statement, the Uppsala authorities said it was so far “only a matter of suspicion”, adding: “Other diseases are quite possible.”

Creatures of Sauron just can’t stop giving back to these altruist nordics for all of the veterinarian aid they constantly receive. In this case, they’ve given back some nigger disease to improve diversity of sickness in white countries, and as we all know, diversity is a strength.

We give them gibs that make them stronger, they multiply, and they give back some diversity that in turn makes us stronger.

They love giving back so much that sometimes they’ll even give these Nordics back their own heads, which is a great honor in their culture and symbolizes the prosperity to come.

btw that’s a notice in the Uppsala hospital in case you want to meme something there

The hospital in the town of Enkoping where the patient was first admitted had its emergency room shut down and staff who treated the patient were “cared for”, AP reports.

The patient was later transferred to the infection clinic in Uppsala. Test results are expected later today.

Yes, Ebola-Chan is “caring” for them now.

The patient came in Friday morning and reportedly was vomiting blood which may be a symptom of Ebola infection,” hospital spokesman Mikael Kohler told local newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning.

There is no known Ebola outbreak in Burundi, but it borders the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has been fighting an outbreak for almost six months.

Do you know of any place in the world where women are wickeder than in Sweden?

All of their women are daemon-possessed. Generally speaking, all girls are touchy-feely with daemons, but Swedish ones have taken it to a whole new level and are now completely gone from their bodies. Full possession.

Just like niggers are literally daemons, Swedish women are literally possessed by daemons.

It’s no surprise they’re now on Ebola-Chan’s hit list. We must support this.

There’s no guarantee that caging Swedish whores and forcing them to bear children will not produce corrupted babies. The Church is currently filled with satanic poopsexuals so you can’t count on it to solve this mass-possession problem. I would be shocked to find a single girl in there that is not completely ruined by the feminism virus.

Quarantine will not really work either. The time for that has passed.

The only solution now is a total cleanse.

This is what Ebola-Chan is aiming for, a total obliteration of Swedish front-holes.

Once there’s no more Swedish women in Sweden, Swedish men will have to buy white brides from somewhere else or just accept they’ve fucked up beyond fixing and rush some shithole country armed with swords and shields to try and get to Valhalla.

It’s the only card they have left to play.