Ecuador: Protesters Riot Against Crippled Traitor for Ejecting Julian Assange, Get Beaten by Cops

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 17, 2019

Neoliberalism is always enforced with a police baton.

If they didn’t want a traitor in control of their country, Ecuadorians should have voted for the only true patriot: Hitler “Kike” Alvarez.


Riot police have attacked scores of people who flooded onto the streets of Ecuador’s capital and branded their president a “traitor.” Protesters were venting anger at the decision to hand Julian Assange over to the UK.

The massive rally in Quito was held to voice unease over the role Ecuador played in arranging for Julian Assange’s arrest last week in London. The situation became more tense when police – wearing heavy riot gear – clashed with protesters, using batons to chase them down the street.

A Ruptly video shows some protesters being beaten and taken to the ground amid the demonstration.

“Out traitor, out! We voted for you so you govern, not for you to sell us to the United States. Despicable traitor!” one protester was heard saying in the video.

I’m glad to see Ecuadorians care enough to riot. I knew Assange had supporters there, but I didn’t know they were riot-level supporters.

Although this is probably just symbolic of the cripple president’s move to bend the knee to the American ZOG.

Or bend the elbow. Whatever. I don’t know how cripples kneel, but I’m certain it’s disgusting.