Egyptian Sportsball Commenter has a Heart Attack and Dies When Sportball Team Loses Sports Match

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2018

Well I’ll tell ya.

I’m not surprised by this at all.

The way these people yell at the TV when they kick the balls, I’m surprised they’re not all having heart attacks.


A former Egyptian football player and sports commentator, Abdel Rahim Mohamed, reportedly suffered a heart attack and tragically died after his national team’s loss in the FIFA 2018 World Cup match against Saudi Arabia.

The former coach of Cairo’s Zamalek Sporting Club apparently suffered an emotional heartbreak and felt sick on Monday evening after witnessing his team’s 2-1 defeat in the 95th minute of Egypt’s match against Saudi Arabia in Volgograd, according to local media reports. He is said to have suffered a heart attack just before he was scheduled to deliver commentary on his team’s Group A performance on the Nile Sports channel.

In an effort to save his life, colleagues first brought him to a medical care department on the seventh floor of the Egyptian state television building, Maspero. Mohamed was then rushed to the French Qasr Al-Aini Hospital, where the doctors tried to resuscitate him for over half an hour. Despite efforts by the medical staff, the former Zamalek FC star passed away from a cardiac arrest, Ahmad Taha, the head of the hospital, told reporters.

You in America don’t even know what this is like.

I’m in Nigeria.

This sportsball festival or whatever the hell it is – something where they’re doing the kicking of a ball on a grass plane – has been all over the TV in every single public place for days and days and it feels like it will never end.

You can’t go anywhere without seeing it. And there are all these groups of grown men yelling, everywhere. They yell at the TV when they kick the ball on the field.

My God, it’s unbearable, this thing with these grown men yelling at the TV.

I’m just trying to have some juice or a coffee or some sausages, maybe a sip of Uncle Johnny, then if the sportsman kicks the ball wrong, you get downbeat yell, and if they kick the ball right, you get the upbeat yell. Whichever yell it is, it’s gonna hit you like a gunshot when you’re in the room with the TV yelling people.

If It’s Your Thing

I’m not trying to insult anyone who does the yelling at the TV thing when they do the ball kicking.

If that’s your thing, hey – it’s not a harmful behavior.

I can even see it as a somewhat healthy bonding experience between men, this yelling at the TV. So don’t let me make you feel like there’s something wrong with it. I don’t think there is.

But if you’re into that, just try and put yourself in the position of someone who isn’t into if you want to understand my position on all of this. Of course, there is no reason you should want to understand my position on all of this.

I am more just writing this for those others out there who are not into the thing. To let them know they’re not alone.

But people are really into this thing, man.

This guy from Egypt – he had a heart attack, yelling at the TV when they kicked the ball wrong.