Elizabeth Warren Admits She’s White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2019

Everything you do to advance yourself through trickery is a deal with the devil.

Elizabeth Warren claimed to be a native injun in order to get all of the various benefits that go along with being a racial minority in America long before anyone had ever thought of home DNA tests.

Now, she wants to be President, and her entire campaign is going to be about this particular issue. But if she hadn’t lied about her race, she wouldn’t be where she is now anyway.

It’s like the endings of that game Twisted Metal.

At a recent event, she admitted to being white.

In Sioux City of all places.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren was confronted by a voter in Sioux City on Saturday morning over her controversial decision to use a DNA test to prove her claims to Native American ancestry.

“I am not a person of color,” the Massachusetts Democrat said. “I am not a citizen of a tribe. Tribal citizenship is very different from ancestry. Tribes — and only tribes — determine tribal citizenship, and I respect that difference.”

Warren has addressed the backlash to her DNA test before, using similar language, but this — the first question on her first full day of campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination in Iowa — underscored the lingering concerns over her decision.

The logic behind it, Warren explained, was simple. She grew up in Oklahoma, and like so many others in that region of the country, had been told of her family’s Native American roots. The controversy traces back years, and more than one election, she said, recalling that her claim had been used against her by Republicans during her successful 2012 Senate campaign.

“My decision was to put it all out there,” Warren said of the final calculation this time around.

The questioner, though, seemed less concerned about the offense the test caused to some Native Americans than its potential to fuel President Donald Trump’s attacks.

“I can’t stop Donald Trump from what he’s going to do,” Warren said. “I can’t stop him from hurling racial insults. I don’t have any power to do that,” she added as an audience member yelled out, “Yes, you can!”

At that, Warren pivoted back to her campaign message, saying: “What I can do is I can be in this fight for all of our families. What I think 2020 is going to be about is not my family, it’s about the tens of millions of families across this country who just want a level playing field.”

This whole thing really fucks up the entire narrative of the left.

Because they keep telling us all this stuff about “white privilege,” but you have white people pretending to be non-white to gain… privilege.

But Warren, like all of these insane women, is driven in a deep way to control others, to gain power, to hurt people. And it is a good thing she is running for president, even though she’s going to get brutalized in the primaries. Because she is going to also be brutal.

Remember, it was Hillary Clinton who dug-up all that shit about Obama being born in Kenya.

I don’t really see anyone who needs to be destroyed by Liz.

But she is going to go all out in the primaries, I guarantee. She’s going to throw out shit that will stick to people for the rest of their lives.