Eloi Meet Morlock: White Woman Brutally Assaulted in Baltimore by an Unidentified Black Male the Media Refuses to Acknowledge is Black

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July 30, 2016

With those blacks holding political power in 65 percent black Baltimore still lamenting the death of heroin dealer (Freddie Gray), it’s important to remember only a few days ago a white woman was brutally murdered in the city as she merely tried to walk her dogs.

Few tears will be shed for Molly Macauley, if any, from those black elected officials who rely on black criminality (and the fear of being the victim of black crime) to keep their jobs… after all, their black constituents don’t care about safe streets, good schools or quality government as long as those holding office are black and put black interests first.

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The Baltimore media protects the identity of the obviously black male attacker of Lauren Hayden, a white woman who called the 65% black city home: her attacker literally tried to drag her into the darkness of the night in a horrifying image only matched by the literary story of the Morlocks and Eloi from The Time Machine

We all know H.G. Wells story of The Time Machine, where in the future humanity evolves into separate species: the Eloi and the Morlocks: the former, of course, being food for the latter.

Well, here is the tale of a white woman named Lauren Hayden, who found herself the very definition of an Eloi, as an obviously black male attacker literally tried to drag her into the darkness of the night in a scene straight out of Wells novel. [Baltimore woman’s skull fractured in robbery: Lauren Hayden attacked in Upper Fells Point, WBALTV.com, July 26, 2016]:

A Baltimore woman is in the hospital with a fractured skull after she was beaten during a robbery.

With the exception of maybe some petty crime, residents in Upper Fells feel the area is safe, but that changed after a woman who was walking with her friend was attacked.

“It’s kind of an unusual thing to happen in that particular area,” victim’s brother Robert Hayden said.

Hayden has gone from brother to caretaker after his sister, Lauren Hayden, was viciously attacked in Upper Fells Point on Friday.

“She’s always the one who said she never felt unsafe, threatened by anyone, so it’s pretty unfathomable,” Hayden said.

Police said at around 1:30 a.m., Lauren Hayden and a friend were walking home from the bars in Fells Point. When they got to about the intersection of Washington and Bank streets, someone grabbed her around the waist and threw her to the ground.

“In the struggle, he took my sister down to the ground by the hair and slammed her face into a car bumper and then tried to drag her across the street,” Hayden said.

The attacker then ripped her purse away and ran.

Hayden’s brother said the injuries were very serious, sending his sister to Shock Trauma for immediate surgery.

“The impact fractured her skull and her whole body is just raw, scraped from head to toe,” Hayden said.

As far as the investigation, police do have some leads to go on and may have surveillance footage from a nearby private camera.

Police also said a key piece of evidence came from Hayden’s friend, who was able to give a very detailed description.

“The second woman was a good witness. That’s what we ask people to do. She got a description of the suspect, called police and was able to give officers more information when they got there,” Baltimore police spokesman Jeremy Silbert said.

Well, what does the suspect look like, Officer Silbert? Must we protect blacks with such a ferocity that we’d endanger more citizens of Baltimore to the same fate of Lauren Hayden, who was dragged like a defenseless Eloi by an obviously black predator in a scene more frightening than anything Stephen King could ever write?

A Morlock…

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Disgraced States Attorney Marilyn Mosby, standing before a mural painted in honor of the heroin dealer Freddie Gray (near the spot where he was peddling drugs only moments before his fatal encounter with police in 2015) demonstrates her solidarity with black criminality on July 27, 2016

Only a few years ago, in the same part of Baltimore where an obviously black male (who the media protects) attacked Hayden, white people were attacked by a group of black people who made their assault highly racial nature with cries of violence that would make Wells’ Morlocks proud. [Series of Upper Fells Point attacks prompt police to add officers, Baltimore Sun, August 5, 2010]:

Mark Simone makes a living convincing people to move to Baltimore. Monday afternoon, he helped a couple from Minnesota, recently hired by Johns Hopkins Hospital, settle on a $280,000 rowhouse in Upper Fells Point.

Later that night, the 27-year-old real estate agent walked out of his own house in that same neighborhood and was jumped by a group of teenagers. They chased him, threw him to the ground, punched and kicked him and robbed him of his iPhone, $25 in cash and a black leather wallet.

“It was the scariest moment I’ve ever had,” Simone said Thursday, as he recovered from the attack and contemplated his new dual role as both a city cheerleader and a victim of violent crime, the kind that has scared others into fleeing to the suburbs.

We’re not going anywhere,” he said of himself and his wife. “But we definitely don’t feel as comfortable in our own home as we did before. … We had a sense of security here which is totally gone.” He said he’s now considering getting a gun.

The attack on Simone was one of at least four violent robberies this week in residential blocks north of the touristy part of Fells Point — near Butchers Hill and west of Patterson Park — that has shaken residents and prompted area employers to warn their workers to be careful.

A handgun was used in one robbery, and at least two others involved up to 10 teens or young men. In one attack Tuesday night on South Ann Street, police said one of the attackers repeatedly shouted to the victim, “[Expletive] you white boy,” as he and several other black youths beat him and stole his cell phone and $100.

Baltimore police said they are investigating that attack as a hate crime.

Simone lived in Mount Vernon for two years before moving to Upper Fells Point.

He said his car has been broken into but before this week he’d never been a victim of a violent crime.

He had just finished sending a text message and put his iPhone in his pocket when he noticed the teens huddled around the entrance to a coin-operated laundry at Gough and Chapel streets. He said the oldest-looking in the group shouted, “You better not run.”

Simone ran. He said the older youth caught up with him about two-thirds of the way down the block on Gough Street, wrapped his arm around his neck and took him to the ground. “I curled up in a fetal position against the curb,” Simone said.

“I had my hands over my head trying to block my face,” he said. “I was yelling at them to take whatever they wanted, which they did pretty quickly. I was screaming for help.”

They took his wallet and phone and one youth picked up a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, but for some reason discarded them. Police took the pack into evidence for possible fingerprints.

Before this week, Simone told prospective homebuyers to check with police and neighbors for questions about safety. “Some people feel comfortable in different elements,” he said. “That’s the important part, for people to feel comfortable where they are living.”

Now, Simone is no longer comfortable in his own home.

He insisted he remains “passionate about Baltimore” and that he’s “not going to let a group of kids change that,” but he said he’s a bit more wary about his surroundings.

“We’ve talked about getting a gun,” Simone said. “I think we’re going to get one now. These guys have my ID. They have my license. They know where I live. I’m not a big guy. There’s not much I can do to defend myself without having a weapon.

Oh yes there is a way to defend yourself without gun: don’t live around blacks.

It’s stories such as these, but a small snapshot of the horror white people face living as minorities in the 65 percent black city of Baltimore (completely dominated by black elected officials who consider the heroin dealer Freddie Gray some kind of martyr), that illustrate just exactly why Jim Crow once acted as an umbrella to shield whites long ago from the depravity of blacks.

Now, black elected officials shield black criminals (with ample help from the media all too willing to protect black criminals) so they can stay in power, less more white people move back to the city their ancestors built and actually demand accountable public servants.