Elon Musk Declares His Love for National Socialism as Jews Work to Destroy Tesla

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2018

Elon Musk will establish a 1000-year cyber-reich.

Elon Musk’s feud with the (((financial elites))) is increasing in scope and severity. As the Jews are working overtime, and spending billions, trying to destroy his Tesla corporation, Elon started on a Twitter tirade against “socialism” – to be understood as “European-style socialism.”

In the American paradigm, “socialism” is usually considered the opposite of “capitalism.” But Elon actually points out that he considers himself a socialist as well – but a very different kind of socialist.

Huh, socialism that doesn’t involve taking resources away from “productive” (read: White) people and redistributing them to non-productive (read: brown) people?

A socialism that doesn’t deal with class division, but instead unifies a nation for the betterment of all?

Sounds awfully familiar…

The following tweet gives us an interesting tidbit.

Iain Banks is a scifi writer with some interesting ideas about Israel…

Either way, Musk is doing something to really piss off a lot of kikes, because they’re going all out to sink his company.

Daily Kos:

It’s hard to overstate how much people stand to lose from Tesla’s success.

Contrary to a newly emerging narrative that Tesla has “had it easy” in the press, Tesla has been smeared from Day 1. Back in the Roadster Days, TTAC for example ran a “Tesla Deathwatch” series, supposedly counting down the days until Tesla’s inevitable bankruptcy. Top Gear famously staged a scene where the Roadster supposedly ran out of power on the track and had to be pushed off (it didn’t), suffered a dangerous brake failure (it only suffered a blown fuse and never lost braking power), and a bunch of myths about EVs in general and the Roadster in particular, concerning charge time, range, and general usability.

But then, it was just an ideology at stake. Today it’s much, much bigger.

Tesla is the most shorted stock in the United States — 10,7 billion dollars bet against it. What does this mean? In short selling, you pay a stockholder interest to “borrow” their shares, which you promptly sell, with an obligation to buy them back for the stockholder later. Because these stockholders would not have otherwise sold their stock, it injects new stock into the market, which depresses the stock value. Inversely, when shorts cover their position by buying the stock back later, this creates extra buying that otherwise wouldn’t have happened, elevating the price.

This is something I previously wasn’t aware of. Tesla is widely considered to be the most shorted stock in America, which means that a lot of (((investors))) are betting vast amounts of money against it, at great personal risk.

Yet it’s still not enough to sink Tesla.

As the above-linked article later points out, Tesla is actually in a good position to make a lot of money and grow as a company. Moreover, the people who are making permanent investments in Tesla (not shorting it) are large financial firms who can tell if a company is on shaky financial grounds.

So it’s clearly a financial attack made out of spite. All of Elon Musk’s competitors are kiked-out companies, and they presumably don’t want a goy to win this race.